RO Water Controller - Tunze

RO Water Controller - Tunze
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  • RO Water Controller - Tunze

RO Water Controller - Tunze

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  • I like the Product By on 4/2/2017

    I do not use a reservoir to top off my sump so this system works great with my RO/DI system which I use to top off my sump. It took a little time to configure the rails to work properly in my sump, I needed to connect both rails together to make them long enough. The system works great no problems. Should have bought it 2 years ago.
  • Float sticks, flooding By on 3/12/2017

    On several occasions the upper float valve (shut off) has stuck and caused the fresh water reservoir to overflow onto the floor.
  • good product By on 3/1/2015

    I replaced my failed unit that had a vacuum type trigger that suction cupped on to the side of the tank with this unit. I like the floats better but the railing system is cheesey. I had to retrofit some things to make it work, so it took a little more time to get it in and then adjusting it was a little tough. But all in all it was the best one out of all the ones I saw.
  • Excellent By on 11/28/2014

    Well built great product to control water supply line to your reserve top off tank. Have a separate system that taps reserve water to sump ATO
  • Good but By on 2/10/2014

    The product is pretty sturdy and clamps closed if it loses power. It takes away the 'did I shut it off?' panic attacks at four in the morning or on your way to work.

    My only issue is that it does not come with the magnetic holders for the sensors like the ATO units do. It comes with rails to mount the sensor but unless you have a perfectly flat side with access to hang the rail they don't work.

    I wish they'd kept the cheapo rails and included the magnetic holders instead.