Kessil A Series Gooseneck 90° Adapter

Kessil A360 Gooseneck 90° Adapter
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  • Kessil A360 Gooseneck 90° Adapter
  • MACNA 2013: Kessil LED Lights

Kessil A Series Gooseneck 90° Adapter

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  • Necessary product, should come standard By on 6/20/2017

    If you're getting the gooseneck, you might as well drop the extra cash on this adapter too. It adds so much more flexibility and options to mounting your lights. I would call this a necessary purchase. It SHOULD already come standard with the gooseneck kit, but alas, everyone needs to make extra money.
  • Get it. By on 4/30/2016

    First let's get his out of the way. They are expensive for a piece of metal. The goosenecks should come with these. I started with 4 Kessil A 150's over a 180 mixed reef. (I acquired an A160 as a warranty swap after Kessil discontinued the A150. I plan to add a A360 we.) The extensions significantly improve the look and reach of the light. The light is easier to direct at a 90 degree angle to the water surface and the additional height above the water provides a more even light with a greater coverage. I gave it a five because if you are contemplating purchasing this don't hesitate. You like it.
  • A must have... By on 2/10/2016

    If you're going to purchase a kessil light its a kind of a no brainer to purchase this and the gooseneck at the same time. I do have to agree with Zeek that it should come with the gooseneck or maybe as an optional add on kit. But I'm very happy with the way it looks and works.

    Buying for Bulk Reef is easier than special ordering from my local shop...
  • Highly useful, over priced By on 1/23/2016

    I have two goosenecks and both have these 90deg adapters. It really gives a lot more freedom in your positioning, though may not be necessary for every use case. In my cases they are most useful because in:
    1) It is lighting mangroves and I needed the extra height distance
    2) I had a wide distance for the gooseneck to reach, and thus needed more horizontal distance I would otherwise loose by a bend in the neck to get the light angle.

    That said, it's a super simple part, and is in my opinion a bit over priced. Given the time I am sure a 3D printed alternative would work just fine.
  • Very useful! By on 12/27/2015

    This is a requirement for all but the smallest tanks when purchasing the gooseneck arm. It works great. It probably should be included with the gooseneck.
  • Great must have. By on 12/22/2015

    The 90 degree adapter gives a lot of flexibility to the device allowing you to raise the kessil higher or lower. Also easier to make the light level.
  • Good for 90 degree angle By on 9/21/2015

    This is great for the light, but I also think it should be included. This is really "nickle and diming" your customer, Kessil. Kinda petty and tarnishes my opinion of Kessil as a company. It should AT LEAST come with the gooseneck.
  • Must have By on 9/11/2015

    This is a much have if you own the A160 Kessil light. It brings the light up higher and looks much better with the adapter.
  • Well needed. By on 7/10/2015

    If you have a wide tank, you need this adapter to get the light to sit over the middle of it. Again overpriced , although in my situation well needed. Seems well built.
  • Simple and Clean By on 6/29/2015

    These really help polish off the look of the goose neck. If you purchase the goose neck purchase the adaptor you wont be disappointed.