AFS Automatic Feeding System - Neptune Systems

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AFS Automatic Feeding System - Neptune Systems

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  • Need little more work before release By on 10/18/2017

    Little noise and lid staying on while trying to remove is pain. Back of unit should have cover more over aquabus connection as seen a few fried from fish splashing up on them causing them to fry. But over all would still recommend to a friend because way easier to feed then a 35 cheap o because u can turn off other equipment etc to keep food from going in sump.
  • Nice automated feeder. By on 9/25/2017

    Nice automated feeder. Helps me feed aquarium when I am traveling. Be careful when removing the cover to load/unload food. Easy to program via Apex Fusion.
  • Positive love it By on 8/25/2017

    All the reviews I read seem like misuse to me this thing does exactly what it is supposed to and as for anything plastic take care when removing the lid and you have no issues at all over all love it
  • IT WORKS By on 8/8/2017

    I dont know why all the negative reviews, Ive been using this feeder for over a year without any problems!!! I use the Apex Crossover food. Its a little bit noisy but its only about 30 seconds.
  • Works well enough that I am thinking of getting a 2nd unit By on 8/8/2017

    Yes, it is noisy but it only operates a short time daily and it gives the fish a 'heads up', food is coming. I am thinking of getting a second unit for my fresh water tank. I have had this unit for over 2 years with no spills or other negative action(s). Overall I am satisfied with this unit and all the Neptune items I have. Yes, it is not cheap but usually you get what you pay for.
  • Don't waste your money By on 7/17/2017

    I've purchased two over 18 months for my 350 gal tank. Both failed with less than a years use. No warranty love either. I'm now using a $35 battery operated unit.
  • Works well By on 7/11/2017

    Using this on 20 gallon nano tank. Feeding amounts are consistent with each use. Easy to open and reload food.
  • poor design By on 6/12/2017

    the usual lid pops off dumps food in tank, poor quality mount, over priced. I just purchased second Apex for my Nano and would like to automate feeding but refuse to pay $100 for such a poorly designed product.
  • Terrible Product & Support By on 3/11/2017

    This unit was dead within a few hours of installing. Neptune offered no help or replacement, they stated it's water damage. After paying almost $1,800 for the full system, I expected significantly better service and quality. Don't purchase, you will be disappointed.
  • How have they not corrected the lid / cartridge design? By on 3/6/2017

    For $100, Neptune needs to correct the design that allows for accidental removal of the cover over the tank (dumping weeks' worth of food directly into the tank). Just about every forum out there mocks first time users all needing to learn this flaw. While I understand the recommendation to "be more careful," for $100 as part of a $1,000 system, I'm paying for it to be well-engineered, not flimsy and poorly designed.

    Ryan & Andrew - please pass on this feedback to Terence - perhaps from a very high volume dealer, they will listen and adapt the next version of the product.