Red Sea Reef Energy A&B Combo Pack

Red Sea Reef Energy A&B Combo Pack
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  • Red Sea Reef Energy A&B Combo Pack
  • Red Sea Reef Energy: Product Spotlight
  • Red Sea Reef Energy A&B Combo Pack
  • Red Sea Reef Energy A&B Combo Pack

Red Sea Reef Energy A&B Combo Pack

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  • awesome product By on 8/19/2017

    the product as worked wonders for me. everything in my tank is fat and happy best supplement for my reef tank i sure it will be for everybody else. i am so buying this again
  • diatom blooms By on 8/15/2017

    seems to impact the coral and expansion of corals, but had diatom blooms every time after dosing...happened often enough that it was not a coincidence. Did not use in conjunction with theory is that it should have been.
  • Corals love it! By on 7/27/2017

    I bought this a little over a month, and the corals are really growing and looking way more colorful than before. I've noticed way more polyp extention too! Definitely buying this again!
  • Great product By on 7/17/2017

    I used this to help with low nutrients and to help some beached montipora recover, saved the corals and rebalanced tank after I over did some nopox dosing
  • HIGHLY recommended By on 5/16/2017

    I use two different products to feed my corals and this happens to be one of them - A&B RedSea combo and I use the BRS reef chill which also works awesome. Strongly recommends for your SPS, LPS or even SOFT corals..
    Tank Info: 120 Mixed Reef
  • Seems to be doing the trick. By on 12/30/2016

    Seems to be doing the trick. Just started to use it.
  • it seems to work By on 11/25/2016

    it seems to work
  • Good product By on 11/9/2016

    Its a good product. I have been using this for a year now along with Red Sea coral color & No-PoX. There is good growth for SPS corals, with thicker tissue layer, polyp extension and deeper coloration. When I started using this product I had little diatom bloom on sand bed, which when away after a while, I am not sure if it was actually due to Red Sea product though.
  • it works i geuss By on 10/18/2016

    i believe it works.i just started with reef tank.i been using it from the beginning .i do see growth.
  • Make sure you refrigerate By on 10/15/2016

    I didn't notice the fine print that this product needs refrigeration after opening. Maybe that's why I'm not really seeing results after 6 weeks of use. I'm going to just stick with BRS Reef Chilli, at least I know the fish like that too.