Mini Tumbler Media Reactor - CPR Aquatics

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Mini Tumbler Media Reactor - CPR Aquatics

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    Very nice little reactor. I find the parts to be heavy duty and overall construction very solid. Triangular shape of reactor helps keep bio pellet media properly and well fluidized. If use adapter 1 a higher rate of fluidity will occur with provided pump. I am running reactor with 1 cup of VERTEX pro-bio pellets.
  • Not bad, but needs bigger pump By on 10/22/2014

    For the price of this thing, you can't go wrong. Look at the other reactors and notice they are 4 or 5 times the price for something that pumps water through pellets, not cool. Buy this, and buy one size up Rio pump which I had sitting around anyway and it will work great. The pump provided will work until you get a little gunk in there and then you'll notice the pellets aren't moving at all. Like the other review said, a different Paul, it does sound like it's grinding rocks. I also widened the holes a little bit with a drill bit and got better tumbling and less clogging. Just my 2 cents.
  • Great reactor, too small pump By on 11/14/2013

    This reactor works great at tumbling bio pellets, but the pump provided is way underpowered to move the pellets for the size of the reactor. I had a spare Rio pump that's one or two steps up from the one included and with it, the pellets are moving and rotating the way they should be. Also, the pump included sounded like it was grinding rocks at the same time. Other than the pump, it's the perfect low cost media reactor that's small, uses very little power, and doesn't cost a fortune.