250PS - 1900 GPH - Pan World

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250PS - 1900 GPH - Pan World

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  • Simply the Best By on 6/9/2014

    This pump has been functioning as the main return on my 230 gal for three years now. Works quietly, efficiently without the leak problems associated with direct impeller drive pumps that I use on my closed loop circulation. I wish this style pump could be scaled up to a 3000 GPH unit, they would corner the market. Simply the best pump I have purchased.
  • Excellent Pump!! By on 8/21/2013

    Had this pump running on my 350g reef tank for 24/7 for 11yrs. It's a work horse, and minimum noise. I recently replaced it and bought the exact same pump.
  • Awesome Pump By on 12/10/2012

    I've had the 250 ps pump for 6 months and have it pumping a 200 gal system where the display tank is a floor upstairs, about a 20 foot rise. I have to close a ball valve to limit it's output to about 1/2 cause this thing moves some water. I have my sump in the basement and the 200 ps would have been enough. In fact I'm getting a 200 ps as this pump's backup. Love it and would recommend to a friend. Do yourself a favor and use tapcons to mount a piece of wood like a 2 x 6 to the concrete floor. Then a piece of rubber to dampen vibration and mount the pump to the block of wood sandwiching the rubber. We can't hear this at all once mounted correctly.
  • Excellent pump ! By on 9/23/2012

    I have this pump currently in use at my mixing station. I have it set up to move water from container to container to mix my salt and move water from the basement to the display tank. I can do a 40 gallong water change in about 5 minutes with this pump. Eventually I will use it as a return when I move my sump to the basement.
  • lots of pressure at a price By on 5/10/2012

    Had the 250 for about 10 months now and am very happy with it.I have a basement sump feeding a 180 tank and 2 breeders along with a 100 gallon sump. Plenty of pressure and noise is nothing but a hum. Does cost me about $35 a month at 16 cents a kilo watt though.Very pleased...
  • Definitely Powerful By on 5/6/2012

    Yes, this was more than enough pump for our tank. We placed small fans around the pump to promote cooling, because the pump does create a lot of heat. Once the temperature is controlled, we have an awesome pump that is pretty quiet. We might end up running pipe under the house to store the pump down there for extra cooling and noise control.
  • Powerful yet quiet By on 2/19/2011

    this pump puts out the FULL 1900 gph. Not for the little tank. I was running text to an Iwaki MD70RLT and it was quieter. I know run 2 of these. I have one running my undergravel jets which are split into 2 outputs and those split into 8 output jets each and I still have good flow.
    The other runs my sump return and is split into 2 returns with locline. The flow output is awesome. In fact I will probably put a y on the ends of each and split it again just for more circulation.
  • More pump than I expected By on 1/5/2011

    I was planning on buying the 200 to drive dual Kent 3/4" venturi valves on my 4' homemade skimmer. I figured for the extra $30 I would just get the bigger 250. Should have stuck with my original plan, I need to add a ball valve to "bleed off" some pressure. This is a BIG & POWERFUL pump. B+ on the noisy scale.