KS100 Kalk Stirrer (Nilsen Reactor) - Reef Octopus

Reef Octopus KS100 Nilson Kalk Stirrer
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  • Reef Octopus KS100 Nilson Kalk Stirrer
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KS100 Kalk Stirrer (Nilsen Reactor) - Reef Octopus

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  • Reef Octopus KS100 Kalk Reactor By on 1/13/2017

  • Update: mixing is too slow By on 2/3/2014

    This is an update on my review on 1/25/2014.

    After running the reactor for a short time now, I have found that the stirring rate of the Ca(OH)2 is too slow (motor runs as 2.5 RPM). For my system this is insufficient to mix the incoming DI/RO water with the Ca(OH)2. Over time, the pH of the kalkwasser leaving the reactor drops to less than 11. Saturated Ca(OH)2 solution at 25 C should be around 12.4. This is with running the motor for more than the suggested duty cycle (10-15 min out of ever 120 min).

    I am currently looking to replace the motor with one that spins faster, like 50 RPM.
  • very well made, works well By on 1/25/2014

    I've only been using this for a few weeks so far. The unit is very well designed and manufactured. I'm using a Toms aqualift, and there is no chance that particulate Ca(OH)2 will be lifted out of the unit at such a low flow rate. You could probably go even with a little higher flow rate that what the Toms pump can do and still have not problems.

    I also run a Ca reactor, so this unit is setup only to add ATO water at night, which allows me to keep the pH up above 8.2 all the time. It's also clear now that I must have had some CO2 dissolving into my kalkwasser solution before, as the ATO+kalkwasser was not as good at raising my pH at night as using this reactor. Of course, I don't have to mix up big batches of kalkwasser anymore either, but I'm still using an ATO reservoir (just DI/RO now). I may setup it up for direct connection to the DI/RO system.

    Only concerns are:
    1) They indicate that the motor only has a 1500 hr lifetime, which is extremely short. They recommend running the motor on ~15 min out of every two hours, but if you did this 24/7, the motor would only last a little more than a year. So, I only run the motor when the ATO pump is on, which really only comes on for perhaps 15-30 min per day. This seems to work fine for my setup (~60 gal system, but lots of surface area, so evaporates ~1.5 gal/day).
    2) They should supply the unit with a check valve; otherwise, you will have water flowing back into your ATO reservoir. Make sure to get a check valve with this.