Super Reef Octopus CR3000D 7" Calcium Reactor

Super Reef Octopus CR3000D 8" Calcium Reactor
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  • Super Reef Octopus CR3000D 8" Calcium Reactor

Super Reef Octopus CR3000D 7" Calcium Reactor

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  • Easy setup By on 11/3/2015

    This is my first calcium reactor Good reactor easy to setup no leak everything work good
  • Easy Peasy By on 1/26/2014

    This is my first Calcium reactor so I didn't have much to compare it to.
    The quality of materials is top notch. The lids are a very heavy material. Fittings do not leak. I did have a couple of minor leaks when setting up that just required a little tightening. I got the best regulator out there and the Milwaukee PH controller. Super easy to set up and tune. I'm a couple weeks in and everything is tuned. Pretty much as easy as tuning my dosing pumps. If alk is a little low I just made an adjustment and retest the next day. I forgot to put a rubber pad down under the pump so there is a little humm. I'll wait until refill time but I suspect it just needs a pad to be silent. I got a maxijet 106 GPH for the feed pump. It works. I would probably step up to the cobalt if I had to do that again. I had to buy a couple fittings at HD to make that pump connect. I'm not sure why they don't make dedicated feed pumps for these things. Or maybe they do and I'm just not aware. I looked pretty hard.
    Also.. if you get one of these you'll want to get about 3-4 gallons of media. I only ordered one gallon at first and that barely fills 1/5th of these two chambers. It's huge.
    My PH has only dropped about 1-1.5 units. I'm sure the dual chamber helps in that department. I have a moderate amount of SPS so your mileage may vary.