Phoenix Metal Halide 14K Double End Bulb

Phoenix Metal Halide 14K Double End Bulb
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  • Phoenix Metal Halide 14K Double End Bulb

Phoenix Metal Halide 14K Double End Bulb

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  • perfect By on 11/4/2016

    not to blue .. nice and bright. acros love it
  • Happy By on 2/6/2016

    My corals are happy and growing with the Phoenix 250W bulb. Nice color and I will buy another when the time comes. BRS shipping right on time.
  • Great Bulb By on 12/21/2015

    Maybe your like me & was a bit short of cash when bought your current light fixture (I bought the Chinese Odyssea MH + T5 fixture - I know). After enduring the cheap bulbs w/ fixture for 6months, I switched t these.
    Wow , this is the MH bulb for your tank - just awesome difference. 3 minutes into the "burn in" & the "blue arc" was clearly a visible night / day difference on water, to corals, sand shimmer - I just was astonished @ the difference.
    I then paired these MH bulbs w/ 2 ATI T5 true actinic, & 2 ATI T5 Pure Blue bulbs here & placed fixture 10" over a 120gallon, & am so glad I opted for this combination as results are incredible for the $$ spent,.
    Though I really wanted a high end LED hood, I now have plenty of time for the LED if I choose, as right now I'm very content w/ outcome & now just waiting for a few months of running to see growth performance.
  • Great bulbs. By on 9/22/2014

    I run these on Galaxy Selectable Watt Ballasts on HQI setting and they are solid bulbs. Great viewing color, coral color and growth. They have a crisp look at a reasonable price. Can't be beat for the price in a 250w DE bulb.
  • Great product and price! By on 5/13/2014

    Great bulb for the price, and looks good too. When you first cycle them they are SUPER blue! Don't let that be your first impression though, as they break-in they whiten up quite a bit and help your tank pop and clean up quite well. If you are not looking for the blue end of the spectrum go with a lower Kelvin rating bulb as they are more in the red/orange range. Good product overall and five star quality!
  • Great color without supplemental lighting. By on 1/28/2014

    Love the color this lights gives off without any supplemental lighting to the tank. I have only had it running for two weeks and so far love it. I also have noticed that it takes less power to run this bulb. I have a sunpod 250w fixture controlled by my apex and my total amp draw has gone down since changing to this bulb. Might be because the old bulb was way overdue to be changed. I got the fixture used and started the tank with the old bulb and replaced once the tank cycled.