48" SunPower High Output T5 Light Fixture - ATI

4 Ft ATI SunPower High Output T5 Light Fixture
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  • 4 Ft ATI SunPower High Output T5 Light Fixture

48" SunPower High Output T5 Light Fixture - ATI

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  • TRIED AND TRUE By on 12/15/2016

    nothing is better than a proven light. this light will grow anything I want and the color is amazing. blue plus and coral plus is a great combo
  • If your buying a T-5 light fixture this is the one By on 5/26/2016

    I have been doing salt tanks for over 35 years I have used multiple brands of light , even wasted money on ebay on the china made led lights. save your money till you can buy the ATI fixture every component is high quality puts the light in the tank and not out all sides . Best fixture I have bought in 35 years my 1st ATI and will be the only brand I will buy going forward. All the corals have better color and growth
  • not worth it By on 12/30/2015

    Get another light fixture, like the Giesemann Matrix or Aurora. Have been having issues with the light from day 1. ATI customer support is slow and not helping much.
  • Amazing ATI By on 11/30/2015

    I have a Power Module, not the SunPower, but I believe they are basically the same. The Power Module is heavier and more heavy duty, I guess.
    My PM is working for 8+ years and never had anything wrong with it.
    Make sure you put the fan mid high to high. Specially if you don't have air conditioner.
    Clean the lens (acrylic) to make sure light is used at its best.

    I've used 8 bulb and 6 bulb fixtures. 2 Power Module and a dimmable. All great!!

  • Great By on 10/22/2015

    I have the 48'' 6 bulb and its a very nice fixture very bright and silent will be upgrading soon to the dimmable version soon .
  • Awesome fixture By on 5/19/2015

    I am using a 6bulb 54w over a standard 120 gal tank 4*2*2 sps tank and so far I haven't had any issues growing SPS (however my sps are quite young)

    I am thinking to upgrade to a 8bulb 54w hybrid, however the price difference is huge, just really miss the shimmer I was getting from Haladies or LED (used Radions) and the pop from the blue LED...
  • Great! By on 7/19/2014

    Light is super bright. Also the aesthetic of this light is really clean/modern. Make sure to come up with a right bulb combo. Some corals will need slow acclimation
  • Great!!! By on 4/30/2014

    This light is very, very bright. It has a sleek look over the tank. It did have to start pretty high over the tank since some of my lps (mainly open brain) started shrinking. With the right bulb config it works awesome!!
  • Outstanding Quality By on 6/8/2013

    I have the 8X54 fixture over a standard 120 gallon. This thing is worth the extra money due to the build quality and the quality of the reflectors. I expect it to have a very long life. Be aware, it actually has 3 cords. Two to control the lights (1 plug handles 2 bulbs, 1 plug 6 bulbs in my case). The other cord is used to power the fans. The active cooling in this fixture is where they can push out more light because it stays cooler. Cooler bulbs and fixtures means more light and life of the bulbs.