Syncra Silent 5.0 Pump (1321 GPH) - Sicce

Sicce Syncra Silent 5.0 Pump (1321 GPH)
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  • Sicce Syncra Silent 5.0 Pump (1321 GPH)
  • Sicce Syncra Silent 5.0 Pump (1321 GPH)
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Syncra Silent 5.0 Pump (1321 GPH) - Sicce

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  • Strong Quiet Pump By on 5/17/2017

    Guess it depends on your definition of silent! I plugged it in and thought it was dead because I could not hear it. I had to get up and look at my outlets to see that they were in fact pushing water! Now I do have the rubber feet installed and I have it sitting on top of a thin piece of rubber and keep it from touching the sides of my sump. No buzzing or anything. I have it shutting off twice daily for feedings and it just runs like a top! My apex says it is only using 57Watts which is about half of what it is rated for....almost half of what my mag 9.5 is using on my skimmer.
  • Solid, But Not Silent By on 11/11/2016

    I have this unit on my return with it running at full capacity. It gives off a decent amount of noise and vibration. When it is turned down to the minimum level there is a big difference in noise and vibration in a good way. It does the job and has been running great for almost six months with no issue.
  • Nice design By on 4/5/2016

    Purchased for a new build based on BRS recommendation. Only four stars because it is not installed yet but out of the box it appears to be built well with maintenance in mind.
  • Dead Quiet, Powerful By on 1/15/2016

    Silent and extremely powerful. Easy to clean. Suction feet come off easily but not an issue. One of those purchases that leave you feeling satisfied. Recommended, purchased a second one for back up. Can't wrong
  • Loud By on 12/22/2015

    Bought it thinking it would be quiet but my old dc pump is much quieter. I'm going to switch it back and sale this one on CL.
  • WOULD BUY AGAIN By on 12/16/2015

    This pump works great on my 80 gallon as the return pump. I love the adjustable flow rate.
  • Great pump but NOT silent By on 3/30/2015

    Silent to me means, can't be heard. In my EShops R100 Sump vibrations do create some noise. So for false advertisements I give it 3 stars. Further more they have since come out with the Pro Line (that will not fit in my sump) that is advertised as quieter than this.... How can you release a pump quieter than silent? I still recommend the pump, but is it Quiet, not silent!
  • Silent By on 3/27/2015

    Powerful pump and very quiet. I put it on some food safe silicone mat and made it even more silent. Great product!
  • Very quiet and adjustable By on 3/4/2015

    I've had this running for 6 months now and it works great and is totally silent as the name suggests. It is also adjustable.
  • sicce syncra silent 5.0 pump By on 2/24/2015

    this pump is fantastic! I expected it to be louder than the sicce 3.0 it replaced but it is just as quiet. very powerful also if I put it in the kitchen sink I could open the window and clean my neighbors aluminum siding! great product!nytastn