MICRAPLUS Pump (158 GPH) - Sicce

Sicce MICRAPLUS Pump (158 GPH)
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  • Sicce MICRAPLUS Pump (158 GPH)
  • Sicce MICRAPLUS Pump (158 GPH)
  • Sicce MICRAPLUS Pump (158 GPH)
  • Sicce MICRAPLUS Pump (158 GPH)
  • Sicce MICRAPLUS Pump (158 GPH)

MICRAPLUS Pump (158 GPH) - Sicce

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  • Micraplus Good and Bad By on 2/22/2017

    I bought this to replace my Viaaqua 600, to run my CPR HOB Refugium.
    Not as powerful as the Viaaqua but still adequate flow and I liked that it is more compact.
    Suprisingly, though, not as consistently quite as the Viaaqua. Once in a while it will make a slight, but noticeable buzzing sound. Jiggling the cord usually eliminates the noise.
    Also the male adapter, it came with, did not fit into the CPR Refugium. Fortunately, I was able to connect it with the adapter that came with the Viaaqua pump
  • Noisey By on 1/30/2017

    Let it run for a couple of days to see if it would wear in and quiet down. It didn't. The tank I had it in is located in a nook that focuses any sound back out into the room plus I am SUPER picky about the slightest noise so it may just be me. I'll save it for a backup JIC though.
  • Great little pump By on 4/9/2015

    Pump is very compact,quiet and flow is adjustable. Using this in a JBJ nano for a two little fishy's media reactor and it works perfect.
  • THANKS BRS By on 11/3/2014

    I bought this pump maimly because of the name brand. It failed after 5 gallons of pumping. I called BRS and they immediately replaced it at no charge including shipping. The new seems to be working fine. This pump should serve its purpose. Everyone should know its specs and stay within them.
    THANKS AND HATS OFF TO BRS for great customer service.
  • stopped working By on 10/22/2014

    I recently purchased this pump knowing that the name brand was one of the best. However after pumping only 5 gallons of water it stopped working. I followed the proper procedures to check and make sure it was clean and it still didnt work. I called Bulk Reef Supply and to my surprise they sent me a new pump at no charge. So I give BRS 5 stars and more, and the pump 1 star. We will see if the new pump does any better. HATS OFF TO BRS!!
  • Excellent Pump By on 5/10/2014

    Very durable pump. Anyone who needs output up to 158 GPH will be vary satisfied with this pump. Very easy to adjust the variable output.
  • water change pump By on 4/6/2014

    I have had this pump for about a month now. I use it to pump rodi water from a brute tub into 5g buckets for transportation. I chose this pump for its affordability and head height. Is as advertised would recommend for this purpose to fellow reefers. I am also considering using this as a mixing pump for no more then 5g of sw on stand by