Spears Check Valve

Spears Check Valve
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  • Spears Check Valve

Spears Check Valve

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1/2" Check Valve
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3/4” Check Valve
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1" Check Valve
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1 1/4" Check Valve
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1 1/2" Check Valve
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2" Check Valve
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  • awesome these were perfect By on 4/5/2016

    awesome work perfect in my aquarium
  • Works Great By on 2/3/2015

    I got tired of the submersible pump in my sump and decided to put a Reeflo Snapper on my 55 gallon. I used the Spears 2" check valve on the output side of the new pump and then above the Spears, there' s a 2 inch ball valve (Lowe's) to adjust the flow. Works great so far!
  • DIY project By on 4/16/2013

    I recently ordered the 3/4 inch Spears Schedule 80 Check Valve.

    You will additionally need when choosing to use flexible hose as a return from the Sump

    Bulk Reef Supply:

    2 count Sku # 202544 3/4 Schedule 80 female Pipe Adapter

    2 count Sku # 202656 3/4 Schedule 80 Straight Barb X Male Thread

    *** AND! a trip to Lowe's for: ***

    Two 1 inch sawed pieces of 3/4 inch X 5-FT Sched 40 PVC Pipe

    Two metal hose clamps

    and Water safe hot and cold GLUE

    Sand off the sawed PVC parts ( I could not find 3/4 inch coupler so thats what I had to do.

    Make sure you install on a 90 degree angle and there you go

    Hope I saved you atleast one trip or order from my experience

    Mike from Boston
  • Great By on 3/22/2013

    I like them so much i have 3 of them on my tank currently