Bactiv8 NPX - Two Little Fishies

Bactiv8 NPX - Two Little Fishies
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  • Bactiv8 NPX - Two Little Fishies

Bactiv8 NPX - Two Little Fishies

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250 mL Bactiv8 NPX
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  • Bactiv8 NPX - Two Little Fishies By on 8/19/2017

    good stuff
  • Didnt seem to work for me By on 3/1/2015

    I used this product to seed my BRS bio pellets which were hooked up to a mag 3.5 in a next reef smr1 biopellet reactor. I used 2x bottles dosed accordingly over multiple months and it didn't seem to work as I hoped. nitrates never got below 5ppm ended up switching to zeovit. Looking back I wish I tried zeobak on my pellets before making the full swap.
  • Julian Sprung's next best thing By on 6/7/2014

    I am always on the lookout for new items and supplements from 2 little fishies and this is a great product to get the tank going through cycle mode. I really enjoyed using this on a friends tank and his cycle process was dropped in half.
  • Good Product for starting your biopellets By on 7/18/2013

    I got this product to help kick start my BRS bio pellet reactor and bio pellets. They seem to be working and as I cannot detect any nitrates in my tank. I also had a very small amount that was nothing to worry about but this will help make sure if I get lazy on a water change they want get too high. I fill it is good to add this ever so often to make sure tank cycling is at its best.