100PX-X - 1270 GPH - Pan World

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100PX-X - 1270 GPH - Pan World

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  • Been Working for 6 years strait and still going By on 9/18/2017

    Great, quiet...would buy agian if it ever failed
  • Great Pump for the money By on 6/14/2015

    I just replaced an older pump with this one. I use it to pump salt water from my mixer in the basement to the tank upstairs. The pump I had before was a MP-300 and a bit overkill and pretty noisy. I usually replace between 60-100 gallons at a time. This pump is fantastic! Great water flow and I found it really quiet as well. I actually takes me longer to drain the tank than it does to replenish it with this bad boy. I really like it. It save my back from seemingly endless trips up and down the stairs.
  • Great pump! By on 10/1/2014

    Bought this pump for a closed loop 75 gallon Freshwater setup. Strong flow through two NuClear canisters and UV sterilizer. One of the fins on the impeller completely broke off (unknown cause) but kept running for unknown amount of time with it cycling around in there with nothing else broken.

    Pretty satisfied with it. Slightly noisy but with some good dampening pads all you really hear is the fan.
  • great pump By on 12/12/2013

    B.R.S. is really expensive found this same exact pump for $22
    cheaper at Premium Aquatics. And free shipping.
  • BUYER BEWARE By on 9/24/2012

    This pump only runs on one mode, BEAST MODE. When you power this thing up it reminds me of a turbo on a car spooling up.

    I bought this pump to replace a Mag Drive 12 that was putting a ton of heat into my water (I was at 83F).
    I hooked this up to my 75 gallon freshwater. It is pumping through...

    2 Inland seas canister filters, sized down to 5/8 to go through a hydro 300w heater and a 15w UV sterilizer. This thing puts out more flow than my Mag Drive 12 with only pushing through one canister filter and heater.

    The fan on this thing is LOUD. I can't stress enough to you how loud this fan is. The pump is in a 1" thick cabinet downstairs by my front door and I can hear the fan at night upstairs in my bedroom if I have the door open. Plan on putting some sort of sound dampening in your stand if you hate noise.

    I haven't been able to do too much testing on water heat transfer, but the pump feels significantly cooler than my mag drive did and my water is generally around 78-79F most the time.

    You get what you pay for, and regardless of the fan noise, I will never buy anything but Pan World for my externals from now on.
  • A Great Pump! By on 5/30/2012

    I bought this pump and its fabulous! It works great, doesn't get hot, and definatally is worth every penny. Been running a month straight and no issues, other than pumps almost more water than my drain can come up with.
  • great pump By on 12/10/2011

    Its cheaper than iwaki pumps but perform the same I have both pumps. The only down side is the noise and wattage.
  • Silent monster By on 10/8/2011

    To help reduce water temp I added this unit about 2 months ago. Very well built and remarkably quiet and the cooling shroud keeps the motor cool. I was a little worried because the price is less than half of the more popular pumps. well worth it.
  • Love the pump, hate the noise. By on 8/24/2011

    Pump works great with closed loop system. I found it to be a bit noisy. Trying to work on quoeting it down. If I am unable I will be replacing it.
  • Great Pump But Loud By on 3/4/2011

    Works awesome but considerably louder than my Sequence Dart