Ultra LPS Grow & Color Medium Pellet Coral Food - Fauna Marin

Fauna Marin Ultra LPS Grow & Color Medium Pellets
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  • Fauna Marin Ultra LPS Grow & Color Medium Pellets
  • Fauna Marin Ultra LPS Grow & Color Medium Pellets

Ultra LPS Grow & Color Medium Pellet Coral Food - Fauna Marin

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100 mL Ultra LPS Grow & Color Medium Pellet
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250 mL Ultra LPS Grow & Color Medium Pellet
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  • Great Product! By on 5/4/2016

    My acans were looking a little deflated so I picked up some to see if they'd like this better. After one feeding, i've never seen my acans puff up so much. They are always looking to feed now. It has definitely made it's way into my regular feeding schedule. Only tough part is keeping shrimp and crabs away long enough to give the acans a chance to eat. My scoly, lobo and duncan's love this stuff too!
  • Fauna marin ultra lps By on 5/3/2016

    I read some articles in coral magazine's regarding acans and this food one of thoes articles had before and after pictures of acans and what I saw was amazing he only fed them this food the after pics unbelievable you would think it was a different coral so that's why I thought I have to try this my acans love them frog spawn and hammers do to I have been feeding for about 3 weeks one of my acans is turning to a florescent neon pink I have always fed my corals a variety of foods brine shrimp mices shrimp clam feast plankton fish eggs ect. The color of that acan was good but now it is really something else I will do another review In about 4-6 weeks and will let you know how it is going with color and health but so far it seems good
  • Depends on the coral By on 7/30/2015

    Some of my LPS love these and can't get enough, others won't touch them. My candy canes, Acan Bowerbanki love them. The folded brain coral, scolymia, will not eat them. I turned all powerheads off, tried feeding at night, it didn't matter. They would not eat them
  • Tiny Particles By on 4/7/2015

    Got these to feed to my acans. Medium pellet? They are more like crumbs. They are very tiny. I tried to feed them to the acans and they spit them out. $25 wasted.
  • Corals love it! By on 3/14/2015

    Most of my LPS love this food - only problem is keeping the shrimp and hermit crabs from stealing it! A little goes a long way - no need for 250 ml size unless you're running a coral farm!
  • My corals loved it. By on 10/29/2014

    My corals love this food. I had not tried a pellet coral food before. I am pleased with the results. Easier to target feed, than frozen food. you avoid all the waste that the corals don't catch. Also, you don't have to turn off all your power heads. Part of my feeding regimen now.
  • Wonderful stuff By on 9/14/2014

    My corals act like it's thanksgiving with this stuff. It's fun to see them work it toward their mouths, then gobble it up, then look incredibly healthy. Only issue is the shrimp love it more so you need to chase them away long enough to give the coral time to make it disappear.
  • Acan and Dendro Lovers Rejoice! By on 1/27/2014

    My tank is full of filter feeders, hard to feed fish, and meat loving LPSs, so it gets fed a lot, and a great variety of foods. This has been the latest addition to my tank's menu, and while it is still early, I'm already impressed.

    The acans gobble it up like it's going out of style, and a single dendro I was afraid was headed for death (changed my lighting system recently, and while everything else took it in stride, the dendro was less than happy) started engulfing the pellets I sprinkled on it within seconds, despite having refused mysis, nutimar ova, reef chili, and cyclopeze for weeks.

    While the dendro is still not staying out much, it comes out and eats heartily as soon as I put a couple of these on it, and remains out after devouring those to gorge on everything I can squirt its way. Hopefully given another couple weeks, it will be back and better than ever!
  • LPS eat this up By on 1/27/2014

    I have never seen LPS coral eat something so fast. Both my duncan as well as my Blasto love this. This is definitely a great option to have to make sure your corals are getting the proper nutrients they need.
  • Great LPS Food By on 12/27/2013

    Almost all my LPS (exception of alveopora / goniopora due to their small mouth size) eats this product. The pellet size is similar to "Hikari Seaweed Extreme Small Fish Food Pellets" and it's about 1mm in diameter. Since I got this product, I no longer feed brine shrimp to my LPS. I target feed Button Coral, Meat Coral, Short Tentacle Plate Coral, Acan, Duncan, Bubble and Hammer. The product remains solid while feeding and it doesn't melt away.