DINO X (Algae X) - Fauna Marin

DINO X (Algae X) - Fauna Marin
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  • DINO X (Algae X) - Fauna Marin
  • DINO X (Algae X) - Fauna Marin
  • DINO X (Algae X) - Fauna Marin
  • DINO X (Algae X) - Fauna Marin

DINO X (Algae X) - Fauna Marin

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  • Absolutely amazing so far!! By on 6/24/2017

    Some have given some pretty bad reviews on here but I got to say I fought with this Dino algae for over a year and then came across Dino X. I tried EVERYTHING people suggested online. I'm halfway through the 21-day treatment and I can see a huge difference. At least 80% of the dino algae is gone. Yes I do have a couple SPS that don't seem to be doing as well but by no means are they doing horrible. The tips are just a little more white. Anemone is fine and all fish seem to be good as ever. Same with shrimp and snails. No issues so far. Either way you got to ask yourself if nothing else is working why would you not try this? If all I lose are a few Coral I can live with that if it gets rid of the algae. Now I lose more than that and I'll be rewriting this review. I'll try to repost after the treatment is completed and give it at least another week but as of right now I got to say this stuff is amazing. I did cut my lights back to 6 hours max during the treatment and I went a few millimeters under on the dosage. Little worried to go with the max dose but so far got to say extremely satisfied. All I can say is every tank is different so this may work for you it may not but I'm loving it! 10 more days to go!!
  • It doesn't work and I threw what I had left away. By on 6/17/2017

    All it did was turn my algae a little yellow and that took a long time.
  • The Dino X Miracle By on 6/16/2017

    I have had my 75 mixed reef for 13 years and during that whole time it was very stable. About 8 months ago I started getting dinoflagellates. I did everything I could to try and get rid of it but it just got worse. Coral, macro algae and snail loss. Not a total loss but a devastating one. My tank was to the point of me giving up. I found dino x through balkreefsuppy and figured at this point I have nothing to loose. I dosed for a total of 19 days. The dinos were gone in 12 days. It worked for me and they have yet to come back. I could cry every time I look at my tank and see white sand. Thank you for working Dino X
  • It did work for me By on 4/19/2017

    I dosed 21 days every other day as indicated and it did kill the strain of Dinofalagellats that I had. I am not sure of the exact strain that is was but it looked like a bad case of Diatoms not stringy looking like most of the time that I have seen in other peoples tanks. I did lose some of my corals,two blood shrimp and a cleaner shrimp. My Pistol shrimp made it throught the dosing period so I guess you could remove any inverts and corals before dosing if you are able to as to minimize any loses. But even with some of my losees the end result for me is the tank looks great.
  • Didn't work for dinoflagellates outbreak By on 3/14/2017

    I had an outbreak of dinoflagellates in my 300G system. I followed the DinoX dosing instructions exactly and did 10 treatments for 22 days. I went through almost 3 of the 250 mL bottles (over $100) and it had zero effect on the dino. Waste of money from my point of view.
  • Works Great! By on 8/21/2016

    Personally this product worked for me. I have a 65 gallon mixed reef that developed a pretty good Dino and Hair algae problem. I put two cap fulls of Dino X in every evening for a week, turned carbon reactor off and only turned my light on every other day. Before doing my daily dose, I always look at my coral and fish for signs of effects and saw zero. One week later most to all algae is gone. Great product if done correctly with a little thought.
  • It works By on 6/28/2016

    Reading a couple of reviews here about corals getting bleached when using Dino-X. Dinoflagellates is a type of zooxanthellae. Zooxanthellae is what gives coral its color. Dino-X is made to get rid of Dino, but if one doesnt calculate their water volume and end up over dosing , it will absolutely bleach coral. Rookie mistakes.

    but if dosage is correctly calculated, and instructions are followed. Dino-X will be effective against common forms of Dinoflagellates. Sometimes it might take 2 rounds of 21 days each but it does work.
  • doesn't work By on 6/23/2016

    After dosing during 1 week my SPS corals started to bleach, and finally died. I do not recommend this product
  • Didn't work By on 6/20/2016

    Doesn't work at all
  • Did not work By on 5/16/2016

    I doesn't this product with zero results.