Accu-Therm Submersible Heater - Cobalt Aquatics

Cobalt Accu-Therm Submersible Heater
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  • Cobalt Accu-Therm Submersible Heater

Accu-Therm Submersible Heater - Cobalt Aquatics

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25W Accu-Therm Submersible Heater
SKU: 207711
50W Accu-Therm Submersible Heater
SKU: 207712
75W Accu-Therm Submersible Heater
SKU: 207713
100W Accu-Therm Submersible Heater
SKU: 207714
150W Accu-Therm Submersible Heater
SKU: 207715
200W Accu-Therm Submersible Heater
SKU: 207716
250W Accu-Therm Submersible Heater
SKU: 207717
300W Accu-Therm Submersible Heater
SKU: 207718
  • Unacceptable By on 8/19/2016

    Bought the 250w heater. Have it conected to a controller and lasted a little over a year... will try jager next time.
  • So far so good. By on 4/18/2016

    Only started using it 2 weeks ago but if you want a review now all i can say is it works.
  • Broke into two By on 3/31/2016

    I bought this heater in December of 2015 and did not even open it until March 2016. I submerged it underwater and waited 15-20 minutes to turn it on like the directions said. I turned it on and it began to work. I left it for a few hours and when I came back I smelled something burning, then looked in my sump and saw that the heater had shattered into two pieces. Maybe it was damaged during shipping.
  • Not worth the money By on 8/15/2015

    The heater is great for heating the tank up but it is very hard to tell what you have set the temp at. Also it seems the the heaters temp prob is off because I have to have the heater set in the 84 degree range just to have it heat the tank to 75 degree. If I had the chance to get a different heater instead I would have gone with the flat cobalt heater with the two led lights. This heater has way more control but it is a little pricey. All in all if you really care about your fish then save up the money to get the more expensive heater. (Was not payed to right this for the more expensive heater)
  • Good for the price By on 1/28/2015

    Been using this Heater for a few months now in my water change tank its it been doing its job. so far so good.
  • Good heater By on 12/15/2014

    I used the 50w and it works great my temp stays right around set temp. I would buy this heater again.
  • Good basic heater By on 11/1/2014

    Picked up the 100w for my water change water. Good basic heater.
  • Great heater! By on 9/15/2014

    I use a 150w for mixing new saltwater, have no complaints after 4 months.
  • Good heater for mixing saltwater By on 9/8/2014

    The reviews for this concerned me, but since i use it for mixing saltwater it is perfect. No problems or issues to speak of. Good manufacturer and product
  • Decent Heater with few flaws By on 3/24/2014

    I have not had any problems with the 250 wt heater. The temperature rang is off sometime by up to 5 degrees but i ha34ve got a lot of use out it and cannot complain.