Aruba Sun V Series T5 HO Fluorescent RetroFit - Hamilton

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Aruba Sun V Series T5 HO Fluorescent RetroFit - Hamilton

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2x24w Aruba Sun
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2x39w Aruba Sun
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2x54w Aruba Sun
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2x80w Aruba Sun
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  • Excellent addition to LEDs By on 3/28/2017

    I purchased this fixture to supplement my Radion LED's. The tank is much brighter and the shadowing has been eliminated. All of my corals have responded favorably to the added light. I started out running them for 4 hours during the day. I know run 6 hours a day with no issues.
  • Just what the Dr. ordered By on 3/8/2017

    I got the Aruba Sun to supplement my. Kessil AP700 with ATO Blue and this hanging kit :

    I did have to purchase stainless M4-0.7 (metric) nuts and some washers but it cost <$1.50. Easy to hang, install bulbs, and just plug into your power control. The light is perfect for me narrow. individual reflectors, and 11ft cord. I put mine into my APEX for 8 hour lighting period.
  • Great Light By on 9/19/2016

    Wow - big difference this makes in the shadowing I was getting. I run Radions and added 2 of these and it has totally solved the problem. Now you can totally see inside and under the corals. Simple lighting to use and very bright. Good price too.
  • Good quality at a good price! By on 10/20/2014

    I purchased the Aruba Sun V Series Retro Fit. Easy to install with the mounting tabs. Overall good quality fixture.