Lunar Simulator Lunar LED Strings - Neptune Systems

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  • LSM Lunar Plug

Lunar Simulator Lunar LED Strings - Neptune Systems

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Lunar Simulator 2-String LED
SKU: 207502
Lunar Simulator 3-String LED
SKU: 207503
Lunar Simulator 4-String LED
SKU: 207504
Lunar Simulator 5-String LED
SKU: 207505
  • Good night light By on 11/28/2016

    needs a longer lead or better yet it needs a ex extension
  • Nice leds little expensive. By on 7/29/2016

    Nice leds, its true 3 leds do a 6 foot tank just great. Literally plug and play. Cord is a little short had to buy an extension. It is disappointing there is no hanging hardware. So be prepared to have some double sided tape or screws... Etc.

    Overall. I'd probably buy again at this point. Perfect for viewing tank at night
  • It's cool.... By on 7/15/2015

    I am not trying to get corals to breed or lay eggs. I just wanted something to light up the tank at night so I can see the critters that come out then. It is tied to the lunar calendar and it follows the cycles of the moon so some nights it is super bright others it is pretty dim. It is pretty darn cool even though it is pretty unnecessary. I am really glad I got it so I can see the corals at night. They are very bright I have 3 over a 100 gallon tank 4 feet by 2 feet. Anymore and I think it would be too much and not give that cool moon glow.
  • great By on 6/4/2015

    Awesome lights great look to them
  • Easy By on 6/4/2015

    Cant get any easier that this product. Full plug and play and with the lighting wizard there is no programming.
  • Plug and Play By on 4/6/2015

    i recently reprogrammed my Apex controller to simulate the actual timing of sunrise/sunset via the "If SUN" command. In doing so, I thought, well if I replicate the du 's cycle, why not the moon as well!

    Fast forward to the arrival of my LSM module and two-string (LED) moonlights.

    You might be asking yourself, "is it difficult to install/program?" The answer is: Nope! The product is as described in my subject line i.e. Plug & Play. The Apex unit does all the heavy lifting for you! My moonlights were up and running in no time flat thanks to the awesome design of Neptune's Apex controller.
  • Great looking moon lights By on 1/30/2015

    Easy to setup. Plug in, Apex will add the program for you. The color on the lights is great. The only problem is that I would like more wire between the bulbs. It works great in a hood, but if you are using any kind of gooseneck mount, you will end up with a wire draped from one gooseneck to the other. Great system other than that.
  • easy By on 12/23/2014

    Pretty cool. Just plug it in and the system recognizes it. I use the default program they have on it and have found no need to change it.
  • Great lights By on 11/21/2014

    I use the three light one over my 180 and it is strong enough that it lights up the tank very well.
  • Beautiful By on 9/26/2014

    Have mine set to follow the season table, but also falls back to 1% when all other lighting is off. Tank is in the study off our master bedroom, and the light dims low enough as not to disturb the wife at night. With Apex, you have full control of how the LSM performs. Great product!