Flipper Magnetic Cleaner

Flipper Magnetic Cleaner
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Flipper Magnetic Cleaner

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  • Worked well By on 8/16/2017

    Had this for about 3 months and now it rattles when I move it around the glass and leaves streaks all over the dry side of the glass. But other than that I worked well
  • works great but should float By on 7/26/2017

    This is great for cleaning and scraping but really should float, destroyed a coral when I tried to flip it and wet side fell to the bottom and blade landed directly on coral.
  • Works great! By on 6/20/2017

    The scrubbing pads works very well, and the blade can scrape off the toughest crust. It can even get off those hard to hit calcium deposits at the water line. Flipping it takes a little practice, but it's simple to get the hang of. Best algae scraper I've owned!
  • Flipper By on 6/14/2017

    Works good would I recommend yes
  • Awsome By on 6/9/2017

    So I have had this tool for several months and hadn't used it, was still using my old crappy one. I got this out omg what a difference, one pass and my glass looks new. I love this thing took literally 10 minutes to clean a 325 gal tank
  • Worth the money spent. By on 5/8/2017

    I have only had it for a few months, but can already tell that it was money well spent. I love the scraper side of it. I would recommend it to anyone.
  • Love Love Love it By on 5/1/2017

    Works amazing. I had ALOT of coraline algae in my 250 gal tank. With in a half hour it was all scraped off and no damage to the tank silicone and my hands never got wet at all.
  • Love love love it By on 4/30/2017

    Worth its weight in gold. Absolutely works as promised. Cleaned my tank up in no time.
  • doesnt work too well on 1/2" glass By on 4/16/2017

    product is pretty ineffective on 1/2" glass. went back to my old mag float which works better
  • Not bad By on 3/21/2017

    Competitive price. Works reasonably well but disappointed wet-side does not float. Need to reduce flow for best flipping.