Aqua Illumination EXT Hanging Kit

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  • AI EXT Hanging Kit Contents
  • AI EXT Hanging Kit
  • AI EXT Hanging Kit

Aqua Illumination EXT Hanging Kit

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  • I give this a Meh By on 1/3/2017

    this is OK, the install is easy enough. The biggest issue is getting everything perfect. With just 2 connection points in the middle of the unit, even the slightest leveling issue shows up big time. For instance, if you hang your lights and you plug them in (like you do) the unit tends to hang towards the cords. I ended up having to make a couple extensions so that I had 4 connection points. On the plus side, it looks great! All in all, I'd buy the other hanging kit that already has the 4 connecting points
  • Easy install. By on 9/7/2016

    Easy install , no issues.
  • A great hanging kit By on 8/20/2014

    Works very well with the EXT Rail system and supports the lights very well.
  • It does the job By on 1/21/2014

    A little pricey but it works great. HOWEVER, it is designed to work with EXT Rails and does not connect directly to your light fixture. I didn't read closely enough before purchasing and spent 20 minutes scratching my head during installation.
  • Clean and sharp looking By on 9/22/2013

    I would recommend this kit to anybody. It was easy to hang and it really looks good. They easily slide up and down on the cable if you need to raise them up to do some tank maintenance.
  • Must have when hanging lights looks great and easy to install By on 7/2/2013

    If you are hanging your lights must have very easy to set up.
    Well worth the money dont bother bying somthing else from a department store.
  • Easy setup By on 4/9/2013

    Very easy to setup, only works with TWO lights or more. Very clean look when done. The light is able to slide up and down on the cables so you can move the light out of the way if needed, and locks in place for a sleek setup.
  • Very Clean By on 4/5/2013

    This kit is incredibly easy to install and has a very clean look. I had no assistance with the install and everything completed in less than 30 minutes.