Hawaiian Black Arag-Alive! Live Reef Sand - CaribSea

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Hawaiian Black Arag-Alive! Live Reef Sand - CaribSea

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10 lb. Hawaiian Black Arag-Alive
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20 lb. Hawaiian Black Arag-Alive
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  • NOT THE SAME OLD By on 11/11/2015

    This sand contains some white and red sand, but I’d guess 85% black. The black appears to be made of both a black sand and obsidian, which is a volcanic glass and highly reflective. The whole aquarium shimmers well under a Kessil and I can see shadows of the waves and rocks on the surface of the sand. Sand does not blow with an MP40 at 20% in a 24-inch cube.
  • Cool looking By on 5/30/2014

    Cool looking color that breaks away from the traditional sand bed. Initially I was concerned the grains might be too big but it is perfect.
  • Not what I was looking for. By on 3/26/2014

    It's not really black. it's a mix of black, red, and white. I don't know what the above people are saying, but it's very light for it's size. Over all I'm pretty disappointed and will not end up using it in my tank.
  • Nice color, not purely black By on 12/30/2013

    Used this for substrate in a reef tank. Found it to be nice, with flecks of brown and scant white to add depth to the black. Provides a nice backdrop to lighter colored fish - beautiful. I didn't think this was too large grained. Has a few small pebbles, and certainly not fine like oolite, but stays in place nicely even with pretty high flow. I mixed it with Tahitian moon.
  • I'd buy more! By on 8/23/2013

    I've used many types of sand, from Lowes play sand to this stuff. I personally think this is the best sand you can buy. Its expensive and its worth it just alone for not having to spend hours washing sand in a 5 gallon pail.

    I sliced the bag open and dumped it straight into my new tank (90 gallon). I did so at 8PM and used 4 20lb bags. By 10Pm the water was nearly clear again. By the morning. I couldnt even tell it was every murky. I was only running the circulation pump during this time, no filter pads anywhere on my system or even live rock at the time to catch the "dust".

    Needless to say, sand is sand, but if you dont like screwing around with muddy water and rinsing dust for hours... BUY THIS!
  • Good but a little misleading By on 12/27/2012

    This is not really 'live sand". The sand is packaged in a slightly wet state, and comes with little packages of bacteria that i cannot even state was live. I used this sand to set up a new Salt Water tank. I used 2 10lbs bags in my 29 gallon tank. This gave me perhaps about 1-2 inches of sand on the bottom of the tank, however with rock placement and a very active goby, the sand has different heights.

    The black color does help the tank to stand out and overall i do like the color. I have white live rock, and over time, pieces of live rock has fallen onto the sand. This gives it a little bit of a salt and pepper look (which is natural, in that there are black and white sand beaches).

    The sand does have a fine particle size, but even with a small powerhead blowing across the bottom of the sand, it does not move much. It is easy for my diamond goby to sift and move around. My nassarius snails have no issues hiding in the sand.

    I have found it is difficult to use a vacuum on the sand, as it easily gets sucked up into the tube, so for most of my water changes, i will lightly move the top layer of sand around, and then syphon out the water.

    I have accidently gotten the sand caught in my magnetic scraper and scratched my glass tank. So caution should be used when cleaning the tank. The sand does not stick to magnets, but it can get lodged into the hooky part of the scraper and be difficult (but not imposible) to remove.