Aquatec Auto Flush Flow Restrictor

Aquatec Auto Flush Flow Restrictor
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  • Aquatec Auto Flush Flow Restrictor
  • Install an Auto Flush Kit on your RO/DI | How To Tuesday

Aquatec Auto Flush Flow Restrictor

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300 mL/min Auto Flush Flow Restrictor
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500 mL/min Auto Flush Flow Restrictor
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600 mL/min Auto Flush Flow Restrictor
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800 mL/min Auto Flush Flow Restrictor
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  • Not sure By on 3/7/2017

    I wish it had a LED 'On' indicator or something to let you know it was working. I have a permeate pump in my system so you would think it should make its distinctive pumping noise if it was getting waste water from a flush, but it doesn't. My system is installed under my kitchen sink, so it's kinda hard to see what, if anything it's doing. I was sure I would be hearing water flow when it does it's routine maintenance flushes but no on that too.
  • A Must Have! By on 5/14/2016

    Makes life easy, prolongs the life of your RO/DI filters and improves the quality of your water output. It's one less thing to remember to do and is very easy to install.
  • One less thing to remember By on 2/22/2016

    Installed the auto flush with the Aquatec 8800 Booster Pump. It was simple to install and the auto flush is excellent. It automatically flushes each time the pump turns on which has been great with the auto top off I have set up.
  • This is a "NO BRAINER" By on 12/31/2015

    I have run RO/DI for over 10 years. 100 GPD on the current one. I Have low TDS of 102 -110 and reasonable priced city water. I had an 800 size orifice on the system as that was what was recommended when I built my customized RO/DI system. So it was black Friday and BRS had these on sale, time to pull the trigger. I bought a new membrane as the current one was at 7 tds now but was at 2 when I installed it. I ordered the 600 orifice as I thought the flusher would help keep new membrane clean over the long haul and my water is very clean city water. So when I got the flush kit, I hooked it up before replacing membrane and a little over a month later, my TDS is between 1 & 2. The smaller orifice is saving me water and the flusher is going to make my membrane & DI resin last longer.
    Plus the first minute of dirty water is flushed in stead of put in my ATO tank. I evaporate at least 4 gallons a day(depends on how long cooling fans run on tank), and do water changes of 45 gallon weekly(?). The mix tank fills at least 1 hr quicker than it did. I have 2 inline TDS readers on my system. 1 meter reads water into unit and the other reads water out of the membrane. The second meter shows water out of membrane and then after DI resin. So I can read membrane with 2 different inline testers and they both read the same. So these are accurate readings. This will pay for itself in less than a year. I have been putting off buying one for a couple of years, and now I wish I would have sooner, even at normal price. Go ahead, start saving money now you won't regret it, especially if you make a lot of RO water.
  • Works like a champ By on 11/14/2015

    Makes it a lot easier than Manual flush
  • Awesome By on 3/21/2015

    Love that it automatically flushes and I can forget about it.
  • Does what it should By on 2/27/2015

    This is just the ticket. Easy to install just pay attention to the in and out arrows on the device. Painless and it does exactly what is should. This coupled with the booster pump, float, and pressure switch for me are working exactly as I hoped they would. One happy camper.
  • Great add on By on 1/19/2015

    This is a great add on to r/o save makes it easy
  • Very useful addition to my RO system By on 1/11/2015

    I am using my RO system to clean some brackish well water. The RO membrane needs to be flushed regularly to maintain its performance. This device does just that. It provides unrestricted flow for 25 seconds every hour keeping the membrane functioning well under these challenging conditions. I just wish I could adjust the interval between flushes.
  • works great By on 8/22/2014

    Makes life easier i have my system set up for both my reef and drinking water. Great add on for any RO system