BRS 2 Part Calcium & Alkalinity Total Package - Bulk

BRS 2 Part Calcium and Alkalinity Starter Package - Large
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  • BRS 2 Part Calcium and Alkalinity Starter Package - Large
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BRS 2 Part Calcium & Alkalinity Total Package - Bulk

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1/2 Gallon - BRS 2 Part Total Package
SKU: 000301
1 Gallon - BRS 2 Part Total Package
SKU: 000300
  • Great product By on 7/19/2017

    I love to use this 2 parts dosing it does help to grow my corals and help keep my coraline algae
    The only thing i put 4 stars because this 1gallon set are not equal mix after you done with the Calcium you still had quarter of Alkalinity and quarter of Magnesium sulfate i wish they just give the same for 3 parts equally that way when you done all 3 parts are done at the same time hate to throw away other part or have to order other parts to finish it.
  • GREAT product and easy to use By on 7/14/2017

    I've been using this product In fact getting ready to do a re order.
  • Good kit, dispensers suck By on 7/11/2017

    The kit as a whole is awesome. The dispensing nozzles could be improved. If they were 90 degrees it would keep the spills down. If you don't have the cup perfect, a good pump will shoot liquid over the cup and onto the floor. Also, liquid gets retained in the nozzle and drips out later. Its easier to just put the cap on the bottle and pour into the measuring cup.
  • Great product By on 6/15/2017

    Very easy to mix the parts , comes with a measuring cup , and a dispensar for the gallon bottles . Use the brs calculator , it will tell you how much to dose and that's it ! Literally takes 1 min to dose calcium,Magnesium or Alk
  • Ease of use By on 4/7/2017

    I don't know what is top of the list when it comes to qualities I appreciate most in the BRS 2 Part. Between the ease of use, easy to understand directions, very helpful videos, calculators that remove a lot of the guesswork, or the brilliant way my corals have responded to my delight since I started using it! I really wish when I originally ordered the 2 part, that I would have ordered the auto- doser at the same time because I wound up placing the order a week later.
  • Top notch! By on 3/6/2017

    Really easy to use and kinda fool proof. Really works great!
  • Solid dosing, solid price By on 3/3/2017

    You can't possibly beat the value in this product. If you are contemplating purchasing, do it! Do it now! BRS has excellent videos explaining the usage and mixing, calculator is solid. Buy this now!
  • Simplifies mataining Calciium & Alkalinity By on 2/23/2017

    BRS 2 Part Calcium & Alkalinity and the dosing system has made maintaining proper levels very easy.
  • Easy to use By on 12/8/2016

    Great so far, easy to follow instructions and online calculator make it fool proof. Only gripe, is it comes with 3 jugs and only 2 pump dispensers, why not 3 dispensers?
  • Great products By on 10/15/2016

    July would recommend this product to a friend's