Mur-Lok EZ Faucet Adapter

Mur-Lok EZ Faucet Adapter
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  • Mur-Lok EZ Faucet Adapter

Mur-Lok EZ Faucet Adapter

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38" EZ Faucet Adapter
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14" EZ Faucet Adapter
SKU: 200810
  • Amazing for DIY By on 6/20/2017

    This handy little adapter is incredible - I use one in my return manifold to feed a calcium reactor, and I've got another plumbed into the lines of a canister filter for CO2 injection into a Cerges reactor on a planted tank. Once you see how many plumbing connections you can eliminate without this handy little adapter, you'll be amazed by how you managed to get by without it. Props to BRS for making it available to the hobby at a very reasonable price!
  • Broken Screw Threads By on 2/10/2017

    When I first got it everything was fine but I could not get it sealed in the confined space so I need to reattach it a few times and the threads got tore up easily.
  • Rodi water supply By on 12/30/2016

    It makes it very easy to hook up to water line
  • awful By on 10/22/2014

    It's been two weeks they messed up on my order gave me the wrong item I called and told them they messed up and said I'll ship it right away that was a week ago.... Not happy at all
  • great product By on 6/17/2014

    ....five star for the product!...0 stars for BRS not including it in their Plus RO/DI System as an adapter.

  • Great value! Best quality. By on 8/7/2012

    Can't find these at OSH, Home Depot, or Lowes. They only had the brass ones that failed on me twice flooding my kitchen! The brass valve fails to completely seal over time and the tubing eventually popped out.
  • Great Adaptor By on 5/11/2012

    This is the perfect Faucet Adaptor...instead of taping into the water pipe (not allowed when you are renting an appartment) is simply installed this adaptor to the water pipe going to the Faucet, it has a valve that I can close to do maintenance. This made my life so fact all those RO/DI adaptors available here on BRS are of a higher quality than what I had previously bought in regular hardware store.
  • no other By on 3/15/2012

    No other place on the web carries this as far as I can tell thanks BRS. Just use caution when threading this. I ruined the first 1/4 of it screwing it on just a little crooked
  • great design, solid construction By on 9/12/2010

    This is the perfect adapter for braided and non-braided hookups. I like that the right angle adapter is easy to reposition and the Mur-Lok connections ensure that it will never leak. This replaced a cheap adapter and has worked perfectly.