Mur-lok RO Straight Union Push Connect

Mur-Lok RO Straight Union Push Connect
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  • Mur-Lok RO Straight Union Push Connect

Mur-lok RO Straight Union Push Connect

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14" x 14" Straight Union Push Connect
SKU: 200029
12” x 12" Straight Union Push Connect
SKU: 100002
12" x 12" Straight Union Push Connect - Black
SKU: 100020
  • Works By on 4/2/2017

  • perfect product for my project By on 11/27/2016

    no leaks love it
  • Does its job By on 2/22/2016

    No leaks, easy connect 2 hoses of equal size or hose to powerhead!
  • works great By on 10/10/2015

    I accidentally severed a long ro line and this repaired it.
  • Works well with no mess By on 4/8/2014

    I was able to connect two pieces of line in second, and it doesn't leak!
  • awesome By on 1/1/2014

    I just ordered on of these because every other brand leaks, Not Mur-Lock these fittings are Grand slammers!
  • Effortless By on 4/11/2012

    I cant believe how easy it is to modify your water lines with these push connects. No need to worry about leaks these are top notch!
  • These Just Work. By on 3/25/2012

    My new BRS RO/DI system was installed in my utility closet, my tanks are in the room near the closet. The blue output tubing from the RO/DI was a few feet short to reach my mixing barrel.

    One of these and a few more feet of blue tubing topped off with a valve at the end to stop the water flow when I need to and I am good to go. These fittings slide right onto a cleanly cut tubing end - end of story. Water tight and no tools needed - what could be easier.
  • Awesome! By on 2/20/2012

    These Unions are Awesome!!
  • Not afraid to cut tubing anymore By on 2/17/2012

    These are the answer for anyone with two or more pieces of tubing that are just a little short for your needs. I got a handful of these and as my setup changes I just grab one of these to extend a line that needs to be a little longer. Using Murlok fittings is so easy, it feels like you got away with something you shouldn’t have.