MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia 1 1/2” Spheres

MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia 1½” Spheres  - Two Sizes
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  • MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia 1½” Spheres  - Two Sizes

MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia 1 1/2” Spheres

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Two Quart Box - 1 12” Spheres MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia
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Gallon Box - 1 12” Spheres MarinePure Ceramic Biomedia
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  • Best media money can buy By on 10/12/2017

    This is the best media ever and doing some research 1 ball has as much surface area than 2gal of bio balls will never buy any other media again
  • Excellent Stuff! By on 5/25/2017

    I have a 120 Mixed Reef, that has been up and running for over 5 years! I added a 1 8''x8''x1'' plate and1 bag of these Spheres balls in my refugium and all is well. No spikes in any of my parameters and everything else is looking solid. Highly recommend~
  • All good By on 11/9/2016

    I like it Im trying it out and I can tell a different already
  • Work great By on 10/22/2016

    Fits in tight spaces and smaller fuge.
  • Great product By on 10/11/2016

    I keep putting more and more of this stuff in my sump as time goes on. About a month later I see a decrease in nitrates as a result. Even with a big eel, I've almost completely eliminated carbon dosing while maintaining nitrates around 5. I believe in this stuff whole heartedly.
  • Be Careful By on 10/5/2016

    I bought the 1 gallon spheres for my sump. I have a 40 gallon breeder and 90 gallon tank. So I'm guessing around 100 gallons all together. I had about 50lbs of live rock in my sump. I wanted to change it out with the round spheres to get away from the bulky sharp Rock. That would snag my filter sock, hit the glass when working in the sump and for eye appeal. When I received the media I dumped them in a bucket with RODI water and begin to mix them and stir them up. After rinsing them well I removed them from the bucket water. I then removed the live rock from the sump and put the spheres in its place. After a few days I noticed some corals looked a little different and didn't think anything of it. The following day I seen a dead emerald crab and a hard coral completely bleached out. I figured something was wrong because my tank was perfect before this. I grabbed all my test kits and went to work. My ammonia was raised a little but my Nitrates went through the roof. I'm assuming this was because of the removal of live rock and adding the Marinepure.
    If I were to do it again I would probably take out 1/4 of live rock and add 1/4 of Marinepure. Just to gradually change it out instead of the instant shock of adding so much new media in. I hope this helps someone else so you don't have to learn from $400 in dead corals like me. At least it was only minor instead of my whole tank.... BTW the next day I did a normal water change and things are getting better already.
  • excellent By on 7/30/2016

    i have a box of these in a sump in a 30 gallon isolations system. push came to shove and i had to significantly overstock the tank. i use this system for acclimation so i admit it is up and running for about a year. no substrate and a few pieces of live rock ... maybe 5 pounds. i had to place a yellow tang, mimic tang, sailfin tang, moorish idol, 3 scissor tail darts, 3 blue gudgeon darts, neon dottyback, randal's gobies, two spot gobie, lawnmower blenny, and a shark nose gobies in the system all at once. believe it or not.. after 3 and 6 days, the ammonia, nitrate and nitrite levels were perfect. i had those fish in that system for 3 weeks, did 2 water changes and all did well. i know it could only be due to the biomedia that i got this lucky. i am buying more today for my other systems!
  • Ceramic Dust/Particles By on 6/8/2016

    I run a BioCube 14 reef tank and am using these in filter chamber #2; in other words, there is no sump unit separate from the aquarium. This is a bare bottom aquarium set-up (no gravel or other substrate in the tank) so larger-than-microscopic detritus of any kind is clearly visible on the tank bottom. The ceramic spheres do continuously slough-off small sand-like dust that settles on the bottom and is difficult to remove completely. The spheres are located in a trickle filter chamber so there is no tumbling action whatsoever to generate this dust. There is little doubt that these provide excellent biological filtration but the dust factor is just something for anyone running a bare bottom nano w/o separate sump to take into consideration when they purchase. (And, yes I did rinse them thoroughly in accordance with the product instructions prior to putting them into the system).
  • Great dynamic product By on 4/27/2016

    Looks great, holds a ridiculous amount of water which clearly indicates it has great surface area. Also it aesthetically pleasant to the eyes compared to other surface area media I've come across.
  • Very porous !! By on 3/18/2016

    This is a really good product and so far I'm really pleased with it. This is a very very light weight product but it holds an incredible amount of water!