Fiji Purple High Output T5 Lamp - Korallen-Zucht

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Fiji Purple High Output T5 Lamp - Korallen-Zucht

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24W Korallen-Zucht Fiji Purple HO T5 Lamp
SKU: 207019
39W Korallen-Zucht Fiji Purple HO T5 Lamp
SKU: 207020
54W Korallen-Zucht Fiji Purple HO T5 Lamp
SKU: 207021
80W Korallen-Zucht Fiji Purple HO T5 Lamp
SKU: 207022
  • Great addition. By on 1/22/2016

    This is a great addition to your blue and full spectrum bulbs to help coloration and produce vibrant colors from your tank. I highly recommend this high quality bulb.
  • Not a good bulb for saltwater By on 11/28/2015

    This bulb shouldn't be used for salt water aquariums IMO.
    It could be a supplemental bulb for fresh water planted tanks though, but still only to "pop" colors in fish and supplement for species of plants.
    The only reason they make this bulb for salt water is because people will buy it to use as a "pop", reflecting pigments in corals. There is nothing to add to the coral health nor anything positive for the marine system. If anything it will give you some problems with algae.

  • great bulbs By on 6/28/2015

    wish i didn`t wait so long to buy these bulbs.. corals just pop with color !!!
  • Love it By on 5/28/2015

    In combination with others, helps to make my corals look great.
  • Nice Purple bulb By on 3/10/2015

    Got really tired of the ATI purple + didn't like the weird pink color it gives off. Someone recommended the Kz Fiji Purple and I much prefer it. Really gives red coral that extra pop
  • Best supplemental T5 lamp By on 6/7/2013

    This by far is the best supplemental T5 lamp available, period. I have used this lamp for over 4 years with success. It really enhances the reds, pinks and purples in corals. Love my Tyree Pink Lemonade acropora under this lamp!
    I use this in conjunction with ATI Blue+, Aquablue Special and KZ New Generation lamps. Lamp life is comparable to any other quality T5 lamp.

  • Expensive Purple Bulb By on 9/24/2012

    I ran one of these with ATI Blue Plus and Aquablue Special bulbs and saw very little difference. Didn't last any longer than cheaper bulbs in the same spectrum. Save your money.
  • Kinda weak By on 7/6/2012

    Reds pop a little more. But a,single bulb with a blue+ and 2x250's hqi it's not very noticeable. Bulb is a weak white with pink hue.
  • POP By on 12/2/2011

    After much reading and debate I purchased this bulb and to my delight...WOW. I use it in a four bulb set up on a 75 gallon. 2 Ati blu plus, 1 Ati aqua blue special and the Figi, The greens pop and reds and pinks glow. I use it with one blue plus for dawn/ dusk mode. It gives it a sunset effect in the evenings. Great bulb!
  • Excellent Bulb By on 12/15/2010

    This bulb really made the reds and oranges pop in my coral, a little on the pricey side, but great bulb!