T5 True Actinic 03 - ATI

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T5 True Actinic 03 - ATI

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24” T5 True Actinic - 24W
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36” T5 True Actinic - 39W
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48” T5 True Actinic - 54W
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60” T5 True Actinic - 80W
SKU: 204344
  • Perfect By on 8/17/2017

    Used this bulb and all my corals seamed to open up more. The bulb seams dimmer then others but from what I have read I believe it's due to the spectrum and the human eye. I will buy this bulb again.
  • A must for any setup. By on 3/23/2016

    These bulbs have seemed to be going by the wayside since the introduction of the blue+ in due to higher PAR. I've reintroduced 2 of these into my hybrid led fixture and the results are impressive and noticeable. The lower spectrum these bulbs hit were missing from my fixture previously and I am now seeing more colors and healthier looking corals as a result. Too soon to tell if growth improves but things do look much better. Current setup is now 2 true actinics, 1 blue+, 1 Aquablue Special and 56 RB LEDs @ 50%, 14 Nuetral Whites @30% over a 90 mixed heavily stocked.
  • ATI bulbs are the best bulbs. By on 3/4/2016

    These bulbs are the best T5s on the market. I buy a new set every year. Thanks bulk reef supply.
  • Do not listen to the guy saying don't buy!! By on 2/7/2016

    As stated in headline don't listen to the guy saying this bulb has no effect. Of course it didn't have a affect in his tank with 5 blue plus 2 aqua blues and just 1 actinic bulb. Duh 1 won't do anything over all those blue bulbs. Had he added more than 1 then the colors would have exploded. You have to use the bulbs in the right combo. He is right about the bulb not affecting growth and it's not made for that. It's just for night time viewing and making the colors really stand out. Great dusk and dawn bulb if you don't have leds as well.
  • Best T5s ever. By on 12/18/2015

    Great color.
  • A must have IMO. By on 12/16/2015

    This bulb makes colors pop some. But most of it's spectra is a wavelength of light we just cannot see. I wouldn't say that my corals colors became brighter under this light. But richer. After a month you will see the difference, if you have not used a bulb of this caliber before.
  • LOVE IT By on 12/13/2015

    BRS is the best my Corals love this light and so do i, i use this light to wake up my corals and to put them to sleep they are a great light and works better than most
  • no difference By on 11/30/2015

    Well, I've used this bulb in a 8 bulb Power Module ATI fixture and I couldn't see anything positive from it. I actually notice that is was weak to the eyes, consequently affecting the overall aspect of the tank. I changed for an ATI blue Plus and that was a better choice for the PAR alone. My combination at that time was 2 aqua blue special, 1 true actinic and 5 Blue Plus bulbs. Never used it again after that.

    I believe the health/colors of the inverts need to come from other sources than pure reflection from colored bulbs. The protein pigments are reflecting from light source, but in a natural way, more towards the 10000K - 14000K range of the spectrum.
    I also believe that nutrition from particle foods would help colors found in most cnidarians.

  • VERY NICE By on 6/18/2015

    Way better than what i was expecting from my stock bulbs. They look great make colors look way better.
  • The best By on 6/5/2015

    Coral growth and looks speaks for itself. Definitely worth buying these bulbs!