Ushio Aqualite 20K Double End Bulb

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Ushio Aqualite 20K Double End Bulb

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150W Ushio Aqualite 20K Double End Bulb
SKU: 204612
250W Ushio Aqualite 20K Double End Bulb
SKU: 204613
  • Good Not Great By on 12/24/2014

    I was fortunate to have recently won 3 Ushio bulbs in a club raffle so I changed out my 14K Phoenix for a 20K Ushio. It doesn't have the same intensity as Phoenix but I'm OK with it. I think it is just slightly bluer than the 14K Phoenix. I haven't tried the 14K Ushio yet. Corals seem to be responding well to the 20K Ushio.
    The Ushio 20K is definitely not blue as you might expect.
  • Not the 20k I was looking for By on 5/28/2012

    I have been testing a lot of different bulbs and combos lately and thought I would give this one a shot. I was expecting much more blue. I guess I may be biased because I tend to run a fairly blue bulb (14k Pheonix). I must say the Pheonix is bluer than the 20k Ushio and the Pheonix has a higher PAR level. I guess this bulb would be good if you want a whiter look and to tone back the brightness of the tank a little for examply if you have a shallow tank or have lower light needs for things like chalice or acans. But otherwise I would look for a different bulb. I would be curious to try some of the other Ushio bulb spectrums to compare to the 20k. The problem is metal halides get a little pricey to experiment with too much. The bulb does have a blue tinge but don't think you are getting a blue bulb in my opinion. It is heavy in the white range with a touch of blue. I would call this more 14k or possibly even more 12k, while the 14k Phoenix probably is closer to a 20k.
  • color and performance By on 3/30/2012

    These are the best lights i ever purchased