Ushio Aqualite 14K Double End Bulb

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Ushio Aqualite 14K Double End Bulb

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150W Ushio Aqualite 14K Double End Bulb
SKU: 204610
250W Ushio Aqualite 14K Double End Bulb
SKU: 204611
  • Very white /yellow By on 7/14/2016

    the color is much more like typical 10k bulbs. no blue tint at all. takes some getting used to if you have been running a more typical 14k bulb. Corals like it though..
  • Different Results with 150w and 250w By on 3/16/2013

    I purchased two 150w bulbs for one of my tanks.. The color is very yellow and comparable to 10k bulbs I have used. I do NOT recommend this bulb for someone who is looking for the "14k look"

    I also purchased one 250w bulb, which for some reason looks very balanced white, more of what i expected from the 14k bulb. I would buy the 250 watt bulb again in the future and would also recommend it.
  • Questionable lamp color temp By on 9/7/2011

    I have had mixed results with this lamp. It is too white for my taste. Looks closer to 10k than it does 14k. Some of my coral love it. I have a colony of Duncans go from two heads to nine heads in less than three months. However, Zoas seem to shrivel and my LPS and Softies don't extend like they should. Could be my tank, but I have had better all around results with other lamps.