Radium 20K Single End Bulb

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Radium 20K Single End Bulb

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250W Radium 20K Single End Bulb
SKU: 204580
400W Radium 20K Single End Bulb
SKU: 204581
  • The best lighting for SPS By on 9/17/2017

    I have evolved over to Radion G4's, but this bulb has been the standard for all my lighting comparisons. With a 400w radium I've had the best combination of colors and growth in my SPS tank over any other lighting.
  • Life Span By on 12/11/2015

    This 400 watt light bulb is amazing needless to say and love how easy it is to light up my 93 gallon cube. I run this bulb on a HQI PFO ballast like recommended. I have had this bulb for a year and believe it has lost its power of growing corals 6 months ago. I have read many places that these bulbs should be changed out every six months and that's ok. I love the look and my corals love them. I am going to experiment and try the Megachrome Crystal SE 400 watt which was made specifically for a 400 watt HQI ballast and said to last twice as long. Its more expensive but if it lasts twice as long is it???? Looks like $25 savings every 6 months. but if that doesn't work I would gladly pay more for the Radium.
  • No supplements needed By on 11/16/2015

    Great bulb. The only downfall is the price but I guess you have to pay a little more for an awesome bulb. Nice crisp color with some blue. I run them on Blue wave 7 ballasts. Love it. No supplements needed.
  • Good Bulb but Very Blue By on 5/18/2015

    This is a very good bulb but the color is quite a bit more blue than I like. It really makes the corals pop and gives a nice shimmer effect.
  • great par By on 3/27/2015

    in my humble opinion this lights are the best outhere i hope they could cost less because of the leds but it seems the quality of this bulb dont allow the price to low
  • coloration of this bulb By on 1/14/2015

    coloration of this bulb is very good for corale maintain backward sps
  • Great Bulb By on 6/7/2013

    These bulbs are not that much more than many of the others out there and the corals love them.
  • Extremely Blue By on 5/29/2013

    I had used "blue" and "purple" T5's before switching to Halides and this bulb gives off the most intense, blue light I've seen. It's working well.
  • Great bulb By on 4/22/2013

    I ordered 1 radium to go with the 2 I already have and shipping was fast and it was wrapped very good thank
  • excellent By on 4/4/2013

    This replaced a ushio 20k 400 watt bulb, The ushio is not a bad bulb at all, but this has a lot more brightness to it, completely beautiful color to it. I wont need any other bulbs except this now.