Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper MLC Lunar Light Module

Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper MLC Lunar LIght Module
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  • Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper MLC Lunar LIght Module

Digital Aquatics ReefKeeper MLC Lunar Light Module

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BLUE - ReefKeeper MLC Lunar Moon Light Module
SKU: 205507
WHITE - ReefKeeper MLC Lunar Moon Light Module
SKU: 205508
RED - ReefKeeper MLC Lunar Moon Light Module
SKU: 205531
  • Works great By on 6/8/2015

    I set mine to the lunar mode and they change their intensity based on the current phase of the moon.
  • Good Addition By on 10/14/2014

    I have the stock blue LED lights that came with mu 55g tank on a timer. and these take over afterwards. I am using the RKE Elite to control the linear light module. I am waiting to see how it looks through the entire cycle. I gave 4 stars since it was a little hard to program.
  • Great Moonlights - Fussy connections By on 6/23/2014

    I recently purchased the RKL and the MLC unit, with Blue Moonlights. They look great and you will be messing around with ramp up and intensity, to suite your needs.

    Make sure to set your system for Night Mode, so the Moonlights come on / off at the preset times.

    Would have given 5 stars but like others have stated, the cords could be longer and the connection into the MLC unit itself, seems a bit loose. Took some playing around with the cords, for the lights to stay on. Once in position, I twist tied them together, with no problems.

    I have 2 Blues over my 75 gallon reef and it looks great. Very nice shimmer effect!
  • Bark at the Moon By on 4/8/2014

    Nice addition to the RKL if you are looking to add moonlight to your lighting set up. I have 4 nocturnal blue pods over my 72" long display tank mounted to my light fixture. Excellent brightness and shimmer effect on the sand of my reef. Cord management from pods to the MLC is a bit sloppy b/c the cords arent long enough to tidy them up real good. Otherwise, good product, nice results, easy to set up/ program, very happy with it.
  • Excellant add-on to my Elite V2 By on 12/11/2013

    If you're looking for moon lights or lunar lights this is the way I recommend if you own a digital aquatics system that allows the module add on. Controls 6 pods and makes my 125gal reef tank look awesome after lights turn off. A must own!
  • Works as advertised By on 7/11/2013

    Just set it up last night and it was dim. After checking the Lunar phase as it was last night I see why. Can't wait for the moon to get into brighter phases. Love this product!
  • Great Price! By on 4/18/2013

    Bought this for my 90 gallon with 4 Blue Lunar Moon Light Modules and my tank looks great!
  • Perfect By on 3/30/2013

    This kit does exactly what I needed it to. Programmable and easy. The perfect night light for my tank.
  • MLC on my RKL By on 2/26/2013

    The 2 pods that come with are more than enough light on my 55DT. Still messing with getting the settings and intensity right. It looks awesome at full intensity, but I don't think my clowns enjoy it, its actually to much light. Didn't get 5 stars because I would have liked a little more cable for proper routing and the plugs from the lights into the MLC unit are loose and have to be played with sometimes to get the pods to turn on.
  • As advertised By on 10/8/2012

    I ordered this unit with the blue LEDs. It is very subtle on my 4-foot, 90-gallon setip, but is exactly what I was looking for. Plug-and-play with the reefkeeper.