BRS Bulk GFO Granular Ferric Oxide - High Capacity

BRS Bulk GFO Granular Ferric Oxide - High Capacity
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  • BRS Bulk GFO Granular Ferric Oxide - High Capacity
  • Remove phosphates from your tank with Granular Ferric Oxide
  • BRS Bulk GFO Granular Ferric Oxide - High Capacity
  • BRS Bulk GFO Granular Ferric Oxide - High Capacity

BRS Bulk GFO Granular Ferric Oxide - High Capacity

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1/4 Gallon HC GFO
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1/2 Gallon HC GFO
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1 Gallon HC GFO
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5 Gallon HC GFO
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Special Price: $518.49

  • High capacity GFO By on 11/17/2017

    USE WITH CAUTION! This product works and works very well. Unfortunately it worked a little to well for me and stripped enough nutrients out of my tank that my sps corals started to bleach. By the time I figured out what was going on it was to late for the majority of them. I used the recommended amount for my tank based on the BRSF calculator. After a lot of research I found many other stories like mine. If you use this product in reef tank you should introduce it slowly. Gave this product 4 stars mostly because there is no warning on the potential problem it can pose to a reef tank. The product itself is 5 star and works very well.
  • HC GFO worked great By on 10/31/2017

    I had a phosphate reading of 5. Two days after starting the reactor it read .2 and the day after that barely 0. It may be zero now but it's been a few days since I've checked. Happy with the results. It was faster than I thought it would be.
  • Nice product By on 8/2/2017

    This works pretty well and rinses clean very easily. Definitely ordering again.
  • I do not like it By on 7/20/2017

    I was using phosguard for a month a all my corals was doing fine, so I decided to try out gfo since they have very high review,only use half the recommend doses and after a week all my zoas react weird and some of them melted.
  • Effective and Efficient By on 6/13/2017

    I use this GFO on a BRS reactor with Carbon and it reduced my Phosphates to 0. When I get any reading (0.01 or more on my Hanna), I change the media an it immediately goes back to 0. Excellent product.
  • Excellent product By on 5/23/2017

    I have tried different brands of GFOs and BRS High Capacity GFO is the best of all. Worth every penny, don't waste your money on fancy name brands.
  • Worth every penny By on 3/21/2017

    I upgraded to this High Capacity GFO from the normal BRS GFO about 6 months ago. I get roughly twice the life out of this stuff which is important because I am lazy at switching my media and I travel for work a lot. So any time I can save working on the tank to enjoy it more is worth it in my book.
  • Low residues or particulates By on 12/16/2016

    Very high capacity last longer than regular brand with almost no residues.
  • Performs great at a great value By on 11/24/2016

    Very little dust, lasts much longer than other GFO and at a solid return for your money.
  • Worth the money By on 6/26/2016

    Quick to rinse, works great.