BRS Bulk Premium ROX 0.8 Aquarium Carbon

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BRS Bulk Premium ROX 0.8 Aquarium Carbon

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1/4 Gallon (.75 lbs)
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1/2 Gallon (1.5 lbs)
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1 Gallon (3 lbs)
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5 Gallon (15 lbs)
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  • Best carbon on the market By on 10/31/2017

    It's demonstrably the best carbon on the market. Done. Hands down.
  • Seriously By on 9/9/2017

    There are a few very good carbons out there. This product is right up with the best of them. Price is right, and it does the job the way I want. If your serious about your reef tank, use this product. It works and works well.
  • Outstanding. By on 8/24/2017

    I've been using carbon for over three decades, Never before have I used something that truly lives up to its own claim.

    Using this in a home made reactor, it cleaned up my water to nearly crystal clarity. It's been 2 days and the water quality just keeps improving.

    In my 110x tank, I used about 500cc of this product in a home made reactor driven with a Maxi-Jet 1200.. My water went from a gentle tannin brown with a slight haze to completely colorless and polished. Not even my Marineland polisher did this good a job. Running the blue lamps at night yields nearly zero haze.

    I'm completely sold. I'll never go back again.
  • product works well By on 8/22/2017

    i use the product in a BRS REACTOR. IT IS SIMPLE TO USE AND WORKS WELL
  • Best Carbon I Have Used By on 7/13/2017

    Really easy to use in my BRS Dual Reactor, and was really quick to rise out in a matter of seconds and have had absolutely no dust. Water is crystal clear on my 150G and didn't have to use as much as I thought with my previous carbons.
  • great product By on 7/5/2017

    From the low dust and ease of use to the longevity of your carbon I feel that it is superior to others in the field.
  • best value By on 7/2/2017

    BRS TV testing methods and results were credible and personal results fell in line with them. Love the low dust and the great performance. The higher capacity/better performance far outweighs the higher cost.
  • Loving it By on 6/26/2017

    I really like how this has low dusty fines, and doesn't take as long to rinse. Since it takes less product than other carbons, I'm able to run this in the brs mini reactor.
  • Best carbon I've tried By on 5/31/2017

    Low dust,rinsed easily, excellent water clarity
  • Good stuff By on 5/5/2017

    The Rox 0.8 carbon is the answer! Good stuff. Don't waste your time or money buying any other carbon. It lasts a long time and unlike other carbons, this stuff actually does what it's supposed to do and it does it exceedingly well.