PhosBan Reactor Foam Disks - Two Little Fishies

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PhosBan Reactor Foam Disks - Two Little Fishies

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PhosBan Reactor 150 Foam Disks - Two Little Fishies
SKU: 207116
PhosBan Reactor 550 Foam Disks - Two Little Fishies
SKU: 207227
  • REPLACEMENT FOAM PAD By on 11/21/2016

    i bought these to replace the original foam pads. They had become loose in the reactor. As a result the disk that is seated at the base of the Phosban Reactor was floating upwards.
    The replacements fit snugly in the reactor and stay put.
  • works great for phosphates By on 11/20/2016

    i use mine with gfo for phosphate removal. the foam filter replacements are great and are well priced. i just wash them a few times , then change the old out with new replacements.
  • Great Item By on 4/9/2016

    This was perfect fit, works great.
  • You can only wash them so long! By on 2/28/2015

    I wash my foam discs, but after a few washings, it is not worth the time and effort anymore.
    Just purchase some new disks! They are well priced and easy to change.
  • fits perfect By on 1/13/2013

    foam pads fit perfect. if looking to overhaul your reactor, these foam pads and seal ring work great.
  • Good-bye Phosphates By on 8/7/2012

    This little devise is fantastic. Hang on the back of your sump, fill with BRS GFO, install a small pump and phosphates are no longer an issue. It's way too simple not to buy this unit and reduce your stress level of losing high priced fish.
  • Great Product By on 7/11/2012

    I must say that I love the compact size compared to some other reactors. I love the fact that I can hang this on my sump.
  • Great Product By on 7/11/2012

    I highly recommend this product for the price and the way it is built.
  • Tidy! By on 7/7/2012

    Very compact, easy to set up. Not as user/cost friendly as the BRS reactor units, but more attractive and more space efficient!
  • Nice Fit By on 6/23/2012

    Well what can I say about replacement pads but I can say that they are a nice snug fit in the reactor and feel very well constructed.