Georg Fischer Wye Check Valve

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Georg Fischer Wye Check Valve

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1/2” Wye Check Valve
SKU: 207894

reg. $42.99

Special Price: $36.54

3/4” Wye Check Valve
SKU: 202450

reg. $49.99

Special Price: $42.49

1” Wye Check Valve
SKU: 202451

reg. $59.99

Special Price: $50.99

1 1/4” Wye Check Valve
SKU: 209976

reg. $79.99

Special Price: $67.99

1 1/2” Wye Check Valve
SKU: 202452

reg. $99.99

Special Price: $84.99

2” Wye Check Valve
SKU: 202453

reg. $149.99

Special Price: $127.49

  • Check Regularly By on 11/3/2017

    This is a well built and designed check valve. It’s true that it is loud and will hammer your system when it closes but that’s not going to happen very often.

    One WARNING: They freeze up quilckly (30-60 days) and will not close as desired on system shut down. If you own one check it regulary. I have solve this problem by a daily shutdown program that keeps the valve free.
  • Rocey but good By on 10/5/2017

    I use two of these valves. Have been using them for about 3 years now. They have failed once on me and that was because I had neglected to keep it clean. I always use this valve with unions and a ball valve on my returns.

    I see others have had problems. As I mentioned the only time this valve failed on my was because of me.
  • Great quality BUT incredibly loud By on 9/18/2017

    I have a 1.5" check valve. Valve is built very well, however it makse a loud hammer noise throughout my entire system every time I shut off my reeflo pump . Fish go flying into their hiding place every time and pust to much stress on my plumbing from all the vibration.
  • Exactly what I wanted, one minor improvement. By on 9/12/2017

    This is exactly what I wanted and works as such. The one improvement would be to make it easier to grasp the plunger for cleaning.
  • Seems to be seome QC issues with the more recent Valves By on 8/9/2017

    I use 6 of these in my system (1x 2”, 3x 1", and 2x 3/4") and four of the six fail to seat at least half of the time, all purchased this year.
  • Not Reliable By on 7/31/2017

    This valve has failed on me on multiple occasions. Plunger fails to drop and seat resulting in a flooded basement sump room! I keep the valve very clean and it still does not work properly. Going to replace asap. Basement sump has overflowed 3 times!!!!! Poor quality product!
  • Terrible Product By on 7/26/2017

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! I purchased this check valve based on the review of one of the BRS videos which stated this was suppose to be the best check valve. I paid $80 for a 1 1/4" check valve. I was sold when I learned you can simply take out the plunger and clean it. Well, I installed it without any unions to my plumbing since it should never leak and only leak when crud builds up on the plunger which can simply be taken out and cleaned. Brand new setup, no crud build up on plunger and it still leaked. I emailed BRS but never received an email back regarding the problem. Save your money and buy one of the cheaper check valves with unions on them. Replace or soak in vinegar when crud builds up on the flapper and it begins to leak. Luckily, my sump is big enough to handle the back flow from the tank. You've been warned!! I would give it negative five stars if I could. For the money I spent, I could have bought two to three true union check valves instead.
  • Failed in less than two months By on 7/19/2017

    This unit failed in less than two months and I flooded my basement. I thought I could rely on it and lower my return jets deeper into the tank. The first time the pump turned off, it sucked all the water back into the sump and overflowed. Good thing I was home. Do not buy.
  • great check valve By on 2/22/2017

    In use 1 month and works great. Can hear the valve close when shutting off pump. very confident that this valve will be working for a long time to come. Buy it.
  • Peace of mind By on 2/4/2017

    Yes the product is pricey but with so many pros vs cons I am glad that it is installed on my system.

    - able to remove and clean
    - simple smooth plunger
    - see thru

    - Price