Bulkhead ABS Slip x Slip

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Bulkhead ABS Slip x Slip

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12” Bulkhead ABS Slip x Slip
SKU: 202940
34” Bulkhead ABS Slip x Slip
SKU: 202944
1” Bulkhead ABS Slip x Slip
SKU: 202948
1 14” Bulkhead ABS Slip x Slip
SKU: 210030
1 12” ABS Bulkhead Slip X Slip
SKU: 202952
2” Bulkhead ABS Slip x Slip
SKU: 202956
  • They work great! By on 10/6/2017

    These things are easy to use. Make sure that you take time to spec. what you are going to order.(i.e, min hole size, slip fit or threaded) If that is right then the installation should go smoothly.
  • Bulkhead By on 8/16/2017

    They work pretty well.
  • I've used them a dozen times before and they always work for me. By on 7/18/2017

    They do their job. What else do you need to know.
  • Inner Rim Doesn't Fit Overflow By on 12/5/2016

    I got the 1" to replace a bulkhead that had started leaking on an Eshopps overflow box. I measured the hole size on the box and ordered the appropriate bulkhead. The hole size is correct and the threads fit through the hole, no problem. However, the rim that goes on the inside of the overflow (part A in the diagrams) is MUCH wider than the original bulkhead. It won't fit in the chamber of the overflow box where the bulkhead goes. I'm going to have to cut two sides flat so it fits into the chamber.

    TL;DR: if you have an Eshopps overflow box, measure all dimensions of the bulkhead to ensure you get a proper fit. Or break out the Dremel/other rotary cutting tool.
  • Great Bulkheads By on 7/14/2016

    With close to 400 tanks, we use a lot of bulkheads in the shop... especially since we're always tinkering with stuff. I've bought lots of different types, some cheaper than this... and I've replaced lots and lots of cheap ones. The cheapies start leaking, they just plain break, ugh. These ones from BRS are sturdy and durable, go on easily without any cross threading or other issues, and stay put, tightly. Well worth it!
  • Super Duper By on 5/6/2016

    Perfect fit form and function. The fish said it's not leaking so were good.
  • Works as intended By on 2/21/2016

    Works exactly as you would expect a bulkhead to work. The only complaint i have is more against BRS than the product. The drill hole and the bulkhead both list different recommended sizes for each other so that was a little confusing.
  • Looks good! By on 12/28/2015

    I haven't installed this bulkhead yet since there was a delay on my sump, but the quality looks to be as good or better than most that I have seen. I would purchase again.
  • Great Product By on 11/9/2015

    Good quality bulkhead. Have purchased several and all have worked well
  • Great Product By on 10/19/2015

    Installed them on my sump, fits perfect, and does the job it was intended to do. Great Product!