10” Refillable Cartridge for Catalytic Carbon

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10” Refillable Cartridge for Catalytic Carbon

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  • Great company quality products By on 6/10/2015

    Great company quality products
  • Works with Coralife Pure-Flo II By on 2/4/2015

    I bought this in hopes of saving $$ by avoiding purchasing the Coralife Pure-Flo II replacement DI Canister at $32. This canister is of course re-fill able and the BRS DI Resin is only $13. The only thing I needed to do was purchase an 1/8" rubber washer at Ace Hardware to make the aforementioned difference. It works great and has already paid for itself. All 3 items cost less than 1 Coralife replacement canister!
  • Fits fine in my system By on 1/3/2015

    My municipality began using chloramines about 7 yrs ago. This is perfect for cat carbon. I've had one for a couple of years now. I have this after the sediment filter and before the carbon block. I change it about once a year and the sponge filter before the carbon is always a disintegrated mess. I have to buy extra sponges. The sponge after the carbon is always in perfect shape. Kind of shows you how nasty chloramines can be. Oh, if it fits to loosely you have an odd sized canister or you've left off the rubber gasket. These are designed to fit all 10 " canisters which is the most common size.
  • Too loose By on 1/24/2014

    Fits too loosely to be of any use in my RO, water isn't forced through the carbon and just goes over the sides.
  • Solid Canister By on 11/23/2013

    Just added this into my RO/DI unit for refillable carbon. Its a solid built container, easy to fill and clean. It much better and cheaper to use than the carbon canisters you throw away once they are depleted.
  • Eco friendly By on 10/17/2013

    I love these, use them for my carbon and my DI now. I have previously only use the RO/DI kits (per made replacement ). I decided to switch over to refills. For one they are environmentally more friendly and the save money. You can't argue with that
  • Definite improvement over old style By on 5/29/2013

    These work much better than the old canisters for catalytic carbon in a RODI, don't use these for gfo reactors tho, they sell a slightly different model for that!
  • works well in an RODI unit By on 5/24/2013

    I use this as advertised in my rodi unit for cloramines (spelling?). it has never clogged on me and none of my fish have died from chlorine so that is all I want.
  • New design, but not as good as the old one By on 2/24/2013

    I bought two of these and find that I continually go back to the old ones. First, the top is really hard to pri off when it has been in the reactor for a few weeks. I've chipped all around where the top fits on. Second, the old ones can be used for GFO or for carbon. I've observed that when GFO is in there (I know it specifically says catalytic carbon) the GFO doesn't tumble as with the old ones. Third, the blue sponge has so much smaller holes = clogs that much faster. I've used a BRS acrylic housing, same as the ones for GFO or carbon, as a pre-filter with just sponges and still the blue ones clog in a week. It would be far worse is you dose carbon (Vinegar, Vodka, etc). Please bring back the old, time tested cartages.