Kalkwasser Stirrer / Reactor 300 - Two Little Fishies

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Kalkwasser Stirrer / Reactor 300 - Two Little Fishies

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  • running it with tunze ato By on 8/31/2014

    Seems to be working great with my tunze ato. My ato only runs 14 seconds at a time 2-3 times an hour. If your going to run your two little fishies kalkwasser reactor in this way than you will need to buy the tunze switched plug so you can run a larger pump 200-300 gph. I recommend either a cobolt mj 1200 or a rio 4hf. I'm using the Rio and everything is good. Because it only runs for 14 seconds at a time I don't have to worry about the saturated slurry entering my tank. Make sure that if your doing mantince on your tank that will cause water levels to drop. That you turn off the ato or it will overdose your tank.
  • Decent if you have small tank and small budget By on 2/27/2014

    I bought this little reactor for my 55 bowfront thinking it would be great and I guess it is for the money. Setup is critical to good results.

    A) Don't put too much kalk in. Keep kalk below the little spinny jet or it will get plugged.

    B) Use a low flow pump to avoid stirring up too much kalk

    C) Pray your check valve is functioning or it will back siphon into your top off container.

    D) Make sure you place it as close to the same level as your top off container as possible.

    E) Don't run it for more than a few seconds at a time or you will blow kalk into your tank. Top off more frequently (I use reefkeeper) A small pump really helps here too to keep you from over stirring.
  • You get what you pay for. By on 12/18/2013

    Heading says it all. This is a very cheaply made product.....that actually works though. Like a few of the previous posters have stated you have a very short window of time before the truly saturated Kalkwasser water is pushed out and the Kalk itself is being sent into the system, which is NOT a good thing to happen.
    Side note here: I searched for this information for quite some time on a large number of sites with no success: IT WILL NOT WORK WITH A LOW FLOW ATO SYSTEM ie. ToM Aqualifter pumps which many use for their slow ATO systems. You will need a minimum 200GPH pump.
  • Love it..works great on my 120 By on 8/15/2013

    I use to drip kalk outta 1 gallon container and really got tired of making it every other day so 6 months ago go I got this unit and I'm so pleased with it,especially for the price.It keep my levels in check and probably fill it with new kalk every 2 weeks,Great unit for the price and would recommend to everyone..
  • great buy By on 4/4/2013

    I think this much better than the motor driven reactor. Great Buy
  • You get what you pay for By on 3/10/2013

    I bought this aver a year ago from BRS. At the time I liked it but I found it has a few issues.... It does a poor job at stirring the kalk as the days go on. It does fine when you first add kalk. It starts to solidify on the bottom and the stirrer needs maintenance often to keep it spinning... You only get about 50 seconds of pumping top off water through it before it starts blowing kalk into your tank. That is using a maxijet1200. It needs to run about once an hour to keep up with my 60 gallon tanks evaporation rate. But you can not run it more as the kalk needs time to settle. This is going to be an issue on bigger tanks...

    I would imagine a motorized stirrer would get more efficient use but at the price you pay for this unit it is ok I guess. The one great feature is how easy it is to add kalk. Just make sure you do it right after the unit pumps so the new kalk has time to settle...
  • Life is easier By on 3/4/2013

    I previously had a ATO set up. I also had a home-made drip system for my Kalwasser. Now, I have them combined! I didn't care much for the fact that due to it's size, mounting options are greatly limited! Pay attention to the height and depth needed for this product. I could not mount it where I had initially planned, due to poor planning. However, once a new solution was derived, I couldn't be happier. Now, every time my ATO kicks in, I get a little dose as well. I will have to keep an eye on my levels and may have to adjust accordingly due to amount of top off that enters my system daily. But, this is so much better than my previous delivery method!
  • Great deal but be careful adding more kalk By on 10/22/2012

    This thing is pretty sweet for the money. Simple yet effective solution that works well when you follow the directions and only add 1/2 cup of kalk at a time. For my tank, that lasts a couple of weeks since I have really low evaporation. Before adding another 1/2 cup of kalk to the reactor through the top, make sure you dump at least a half a cup of the effluent out into another container first, or you'll increase the effluent level in the reactor with the fresh kalk powder, and it'll start dosing out the kalk powder you just put in!! Talk about a pH spike...
  • Nice Reactor By on 1/31/2012

    I was tired of mixing kalk manually in another container so I decided to give this a try. I figured for the price why not. I have to say I have been pleased. As long as you don't put too much kalk in it works perfectly.
  • Good for thre $$$ By on 10/15/2011

    Well this is the first reactor I purchased (aside from the BRS GFO I purchased at the same time). It is built as one would expect for $65. Lots of thin lightweight plastic. That is not to say I am disappointed with it. I like its ease of set up. It is clean and easy to replenish the kalk. No water to mess with. Easy to install…

    You only get about 1 minute of run time before the kalk dust is stirred up to the top. That means setting your ATO to top off many times a day to keep up with evaporation.

    Still, I would recommend it as for the money it can’t be beat...