Iodide Complex Concentrate (50 mL) - Korallen-Zucht

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Iodide Complex Concentrate (50 mL) - Korallen-Zucht

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  • Got Iodide? By on 9/24/2016

    I use this product everyday and it gives me peace of mind knowing that my reef is getting what it needs. Iodide is depleted quickly, so even underdosing with this concentrated product is reassuring. Don't forget that crustaceans NEED iodine. Your reef fauna can't live without it.
  • Wow By on 5/22/2015

    This is what iodine should look like. Light gold/brown very concentrated. Pharmaceutical grade product. Extremely beneficial to any tank not just zeovit tanks. I have used tons of different brands of iodine and this is by far the best. One bottle goes a long way. Corals reacted I noticed better polyp extension. Awesome product one of my favorite from kz. I use this with potassium iodine fluoride with great results. Keep in mind iodine is needed for shimp and inverts as well. In my opinion iodine is one of the backbone elements of this hobby don't skimp out on it or fear algae growth.