Alkalinity Test Kit - LaMotte

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  • The LaMotte Alkalinity Test Kit

Alkalinity Test Kit - LaMotte

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  • Excelent product By on 3/29/2017

    This test kit is so easy to use . There is a start point color , end point color and a you have gone too far color. There is also a pill instead of drops for the first color change . Refills are also very affordable.
  • Easy to read By on 1/28/2015

    This is the easiest to read test kit I've ever used (having also tried API, Salifert and Red Sea). My first time with Lamotte and I will certainly be trying the other kits they have to offer.
  • Excellent By on 2/6/2012

    Compared to the other kits it is expensive but after the initial purchase refill kits are about the same as the rest. Accurate and easy to use. Comes in a plastic case with foam inserts as compared to a cardboard box and a ziplock.
  • Best titration alkalinity kit available By on 1/12/2011

    I used to own this product awhile back and I am really glad to see BRS carrying it. It is leagues above other alkalinity test kits in terms of its quality, consistency, and ease of use. One thing that makes this test so easy to use, is that the dispensing syringe inserts into the testing chamber and you can easily swirl the testing sample as you continue to add reagent. The number of tests you can run of course varies with your total alkalinity (as with any titration kit), but it is very generous. You will not be disappointed with this kit.