Aqua Illumination Classic LED Mounting Rails

AI Sol LED Mouting Rails with Legs
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  • AI Sol LED Mouting Rails with Legs
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Aqua Illumination Classic LED Mounting Rails

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12” Aqua Illumination LED Mounting Rails
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24” Aqua Illumination LED Mounting Rails
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36” Aqua Illumination LED Mounting Rails
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48” Aqua Illumination LED Mounting Rails
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60” Aqua Illumination LED Mounting Rails
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72” Aqua Illumination LED Mounting Rails (discontinued)
SKU: 204441
  • Works great By on 4/30/2017

    Works great with my 52 hd lights
  • Works very well with hydra 26 By on 9/28/2016

    I put 3 hydra 26's on the 48" rail over my 100 gallon mixed reef. It's sturdy enough for even a few more hydra's. The bolts that they provide are not trustworthy. The head on the bolts will barely hold your lights in place, and they're too short. 3 bucks at home depot and I had 6 replacement bolts that hold my lights in place perfectly, and I can slide them around on the rail with ease. Definitely worth the money, but go buy yourself some replacement bolts :)
  • Good starting point By on 9/20/2016

    These rails are ok if you don't mind doing a bit of adjusting to the original design. After a trip to the local hardware store, I was able to set up my 2 new hydra hd's. I ended up with a pretty nice hanging rail system, that is totally adjustable up and down, and left and right.
  • Excellent 2512 By on 10/8/2015

  • great idea, poor design By on 9/28/2015

    I am mounting this on an 18" wide tank. I had to buy 24" rails and cut them to 18". Then I lost the threading in the end for the end pieces. So I had to tap some threads into it again. I'm also mounting the Hydra 26 using the two bolt method mentioned in another review. Seems to be the best way to get light fixture tight on mounting rails. I only recommend this if you want to avoid hanging lights from the ceiling or wall, and you have a little time and patience.
  • Works okay By on 5/5/2015

    I don't have a way to hang my 2 Hydra 26's over my tank so I had to go with the classic mounting rails. Like other reviews said, the screw holding the lights in is an absolute awful design. It works though
  • Works like it says if you can figure out the trick By on 4/4/2015

    I don't have a way to hang my light, and my tank doesn't allow for an overhang single bar, so I went with this classic rails. My only major issue is the terrible design of the screw holding method used to get the hydra52 onto the rails securely. It takes some creativity, but I figured out a way to use each rail as a sort of screw lever to get the fixture set solid on both rails without moving. I think they could have done a MUCH better job with this design, but I guess it does what it's supposed to do well, If you can employ some tricks. Doesn't look terrible, but now I'm considering a hood.
  • Functional and stable By on 11/7/2014

    While this works for my tank, I think it could have been designed a little better. When mounting the Hydras to the rail, it takes a bit to get everything even and not too loose/too tight. They also do not slide very well on the rails.

    It would also be nice if the legs were adjustable.
  • Not readily compatible with hydra 52 By on 9/30/2014

    So when I went to slide the lights into the rails the screws had no happy medium, either they were too loose or too tight.( the light would move freely and not sit straight or too tight and it would not slide into position at all) Being a DIY guy I figured out that if I used a 2" long screw with a nut and washer backed up to both the rail and the hydra it works fine. There is a 1" gap between the hydra and the rail system but this method allows you to freely slide the light into position and lock it into place. It was a pain to find all the hardware because it is all metric, had to go to 2 hardware stores. If I remember correctly it was a #8 bolt x 2" long. You need 2 of these per hydra 52. Then you need 4 nuts, 2 tiny washers and 4 fender washers.
    I used a tiny washer on the head of the bolt to keep it snug, up in the rail. If you can find a pan head bolt that won't fall through the rail slot, these are not necessary. However I could not.
    Installation Instructions
    1.) First you need to figure out your light spacing.
    2.) Next you put on two washers; one tiny and 1 fender style, a nut, another nut, and a fender washer onto a bolt.
    3.) Next you will thread the bolt into the hydra until it bottoms out. ( I used a tape measure to make sure they were all threaded in evenly because this will make certain your lights are even when they are mounted next to each other.
    4.) Next you tighten down the bottom nut and washer tight to the hydra 52.
    5.) Next you slide the bolt head and tiny washer into the rail slide notch on both sides. Once you have the hydra 52 into position you then tighten the nut and washer up against the rail on both sides.
    I am very happy with how it looks but it took a few hours to get it to my satisfaction. If it's going to hang above my tank it has to look nice!
    In my opinion a 70$ light rail should be plug and play. This is why only 2 stars. Also if you plan on using the mounting legs they wouldn't fit over the bracing on my tank...FYI.
    I hope this review will help others with their install.
  • Not for Hydra 52's By on 9/1/2014

    I jpurchased these for my Hydra 52's and they wouldn't work at all. I finally "rigged" them so they would hold the lights.