Sponge Power Concentrate - Korallen-Zucht

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Sponge Power Concentrate - Korallen-Zucht

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50 mL - Korallen-Zucht Sponge Power Concentrate
SKU: 207034
100 mL - Korallen-Zucht Sponge Power Concentrate
SKU: 207044
  • Feedback By on 8/23/2017

    Truth be told I bought this as a gift for a fellow Reefer who swears by it. All I can say is he has 2 frag tanks and a large main display all with acropora mainly. I've seen the growth and colors of all his corals and he is doing something right. Whether it's this or all his other parameters only I'll never know but it surely can't be hurting anything. I'm going to buy one for myself next time to see if any benefits know that I see someone else with great success who uses it consistently.
  • Easy to use! By on 10/10/2015

    Anything to help feed our tank! Water better & two sponges better.
  • another great product from kz By on 5/16/2015

    I've been using this product for about a month now instead of zeofood. I see improved water clarity,sponge growth.and even better coloration of my maxima clams. This product really works and is worth the price.
  • Great product! By on 4/5/2015

    It hasn't been long since I started full Zeovit on my tank, but I gotta say corals are doing great! All sps have fully extended polyps and frags are growing. Zeovit has really good support at Zeovit.com. BRS sells excellent products!
  • Works really well By on 2/26/2015

    I dose Sponge Power regularly on my mixed reef and am getting loads of sponge growth that I believe is a direct result of Sponge Power. I also have a purple photosynthetic plating sponge that is growing really well. I also dose SP on a small all-in-one zoanthid tank and have noticed that the walls of the back chamber are covered with encrusting sponges. Both systems are doing really well and I think Sponge Power is contributing to their health.

    However, Sponge Power isn't a magic bullet. Last year I bought an orange tree sponge and despite a very careful acclimation and daily SP dosing, it slowly broke apart. Apparently my tank conditions weren't right for it, and the SP wasn't enough to bring it back from whatever was bothering it.
  • Outstanding By on 11/25/2014

    I am now a complete zeohead, I have been an aquarist in europe since the mid 70's. Since starting the zeo line I am amazed at the results to my macro tank, sponges extend, polyps extend, it is a wonderful product line I highly recommend.
  • Tons of New Sponges By on 10/14/2014

    After about 2 weeks of using this stuff I noticed tons of tiny new sponges growing throughout my tank out of nowhere. The ones I have previously looked healthier and had better colors. Been using it for almost a year now and the sponges all look great. Definitely recommend this product from KZ if your running a low nutrient system.
  • Bought it for a sponge in my display tank. By on 7/13/2014

    After using this product for a few weeks I noticed my cool sponge got thicker and even went from a pale white to a blueish grey.
  • Works, but not sure it is worth the price By on 4/21/2014

    When using this product I did notice growth in several types of pink and white sponges in my tank. However, the product smells and looks like vinegar and I wonder if that is more or less what they are selling. I think I would be able to see similar results by dosing a less expensive form of carbon. The product provides results, but I would feel more comfortable if it were about half the price.

    One other note, I broke the dropper cap soon after I bought this product. It is very easy to tear when you unscrew the cap so be careful.
  • In Kz I trust. By on 11/24/2013

    After using this product for a year straight on a daily basis I have to say it works water is crystal clear I also use kz carbon so it's probably a combination of both. I have also noticed increased growth of sponges growing on and under the live rocks. My purple sps now blend in with the coralline algae. Lol