Reef Octopus Media Filter 4" Chamber

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Reef Octopus Media Filter 4" Chamber

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  • Liked it so much I got another one By on 8/15/2017

    I purchased one of theses a few months ago to run carbon. It was easy to set up off my manifold and adjustment is easy. I dont have much issue with cleaning as i use course carbon as was mentioned in another review. Just open the top, dump the carbon, rinse and add new carbon.

    I like the reactor and decided I want to run GFO on my tank. (135 gallon mixed reef). I dont want to run them in the same reactor, so I bought another one. They look great in my stand and seem to work flawlessly so far. I did notice that with the GFO, alot of the smaller pieces did fall through the bottom grate. Not sure how this is going to affect performance... I will wait and see. I'll probably update in a month when I change out the GFO.
  • Started out good... By on 9/12/2015

    My first review of this was great, seriously loved the product. One year later the red top completely seperated from the clear body. The glue/epoxy/binder, (whatever they use) just completely gave out, spilling carbon and gfo . A LOT of carbon. I ran it open so there was very little preassure that could build up inside and changed the media carefully. Between how dificult it is to clean and empty and this horrible mess i now have to clean up, i am very mad that i paid so much for this product.
  • Great product By on 3/9/2014

    I am using 2 pounds of media (75% rox .8 carbon / 25% gfo), i just cut a blue and white filter pad i picked up locally for above and below the media to prevent grinding, paired up with the cobalt mj-1200 powerhead ( cant even hear it when i sleep) . Very well made, stands 21 3/8 inches tall, bout 54.5 cm, you will need 12 inches wide at the top, 7-8inch by about 6inch at the base, you can use soft silicone tubing with the plastic clips sold here if you double up the tubing (about a one inch long piece cut down the middle and a 3/4 inch piece an inch long to fill the gap, use large pliars to secure clip. Glue in barbed fittings with pvc glue (dont forget to use the primer) very easy. Water may be too clear now haha, every time i stare in my tank from the top i get my nose or beard wet.

  • Great Reactor Just!!! By on 1/14/2014

    Works great but the only problem I see if maintenance on this.. It is practically seal with the only access thru the top. It doesn't come apart to clean the screen. It looks like if you had a 2 foot extension you could possible take it out for cleaning?

    Also as noted above you have to have large media, Carbon Rox seems to be to small to use. It works in there but doesn't work well..

    Would I buy again? Probably not, would get one that is easier to clean.
  • Works great By on 10/2/2012

    My water looks amazing with this running and it also helped keep my numbers at zero since i leave the Carbon in for 3-4 weeks before changing it out and i have a huge BIO load in the tank.. Just make sure you buy the larger Carbon since the small grains will clog the reactor and end up in your sump i tried it and it doesnt work