Reef Octopus Media Filter 3.5" Chamber

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Reef Octopus Media Filter 3.5" Chamber

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  • Look elsewhere By on 9/23/2017

    Unit I got leaks from a ring of plastic thats supposed to be fussed together near the top threads. I had also asked a BRS rep if this unit has strainers capable of running ROX 0.8. The carbon ended up being to small and back flowed into the reactor.
  • disappointed By on 6/17/2015

    After running this reactor for a couple months now I've come to the conclusion that this reactor is not all that great.

    A few design problems with this reactor.

    1. The inlet should be horizontal rather than vertical. This makes for having to keep the pump farther from the reactor due to having to use more hose and could pose a problem in a small or crowded sump.

    2. The push style barb fitting if not tight can and will come out. I recently had the outlet fitting come loose and sprayed water all over the inside of my stand.

    3. The quick disconnect on the outlet should also be on the inlet. This would make for a much easier time at removing the reactor for cleaning and media change. The other thing is the ball valve. I ended up running it wide open and used a two little fishes valve placed after the ball valve, this made fine tuning the reactor much easier.

    4. The reactor lid should be the same size as the reactor body. The smaller opening makes cleaning out the media a mess. The other problem is the bottom of the reactor. There is no way to access the media that falls through the screen so you have to run water through the top and try to get the media to come out the inlet. Not a big deal but with trying to get all of the media out of the body as well, I really don't like having this go down my drain.

    For the money BRS reactors are a better choice.
  • Well constructed and easy to set up By on 4/2/2015

    Very well made. No issues setting this up. I bought one for activated carbon and one for GFO and both are running well. Would be nice if the base plate could be anchored to whatever it sits on since it is top heavy until it is filled with water.
  • Reef Octopus MF-1000 review By on 2/11/2013

    I recently purchased this MF-1000 as it is working very well. It has not clogged and you are able to adjust the flow with precision. I am running with a Maxi-Jet 600 and that has plenty of power. This unit replaced my BRS unit because it kept getting clogged. I am now running carbon in my BRS unit with the two sponges. It's expensive, but I would recommend this to anyone who wants to run GFO.