Universal Air Filter

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Universal Air Filter

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  • Works well if you have a good skmmer By on 7/29/2016

    I had been using this as a CO2 scrubber for nearly a year but it didn't seem to be helping my low PH issues. My PH was hovering right at 8.0 during the day and dipping down to 7.8 - 7.9 at night. I had tried adding buffers to raise it, but any rise would only be temporary. I had the scrubber canister connected to a Coralife SuperSkimmer 220 using the included 3/16" tubing. I thought it was doing what it was supposed to until I upgraded my skimmer to a SRO-2000INT. I connected the CO2 scrubber to SRO's air intake using the 3/16" tubing and immediately noticed a whistling sound coming from the air intake elbow on the scrubber. The SRO was sucking much more air through the scrubber than the SuperSkimmer did! I removed the 3/16" barbed elbow from the intake and the whistling stopped. I put my finger over the opening and could feel the suction! The next morning I went to check on the skimmer and saw that my PH was at 8.2! That's the highest I have ever seen it without adding chemicals to the tank. I was very happy to see that. However, I ran into one other issue with this scrubber. My SRO skimmer started overflowing. Even with intake valve turned all the way down. After some fiddling with it, I discovered that the 3/16" tubing was too restrictive for the SRO's air intake. So I went to Home Depot and got some 3/8" ID tubing and a 3/8" ID barbed elbow. I removed the 3/16" elbow and tubing from the scrubber and replaced it with the elbow and tubing from Home Depot. After that, my skimmer began to behave normally.

    Conclusion: This scrubber works very well as long as your skimmer or whatever device you use to push air into your tank has enough suction. You also will likely need to upgrade the elbows and tubing to a larger inside diameter such as 3/8".
  • Amazing what this thing is capable of!!! No more ph chemicals By on 7/23/2016

    This thing is almost the best thing since apple pie. my ph has been driving me crazy with my alk at 11 it was impossible to use ph increase without having problems that's up until I connected BRS's miracle air filter. All jokes aside every tank should have one reef or fish only! One day ph went from 7.93ish to 8.17ish and the day is not over. I have to get two more for my 125 and 60 gallon tanks.
  • More positives then you realize! By on 5/1/2016

    Wow this product combined with the co2 absorbent media is actually one of the best investments to date I have made for my reef tank. Originally I ordered this because my ph was hanging alittle low for what my expectations are at 7.8 without running a calcium reactor so I figured I'd give this a try. I hooked this up to my Aquamaxx hob-1 on a 40g breeder mixed reef and first of all it is the number 1 silencer on the market and they don't even advertise it like that and it has been about a month now and my ph has been dead stable at 8.3 the only other additive I use besides roids and fish food is bright well Kalk+2 havent made any other changes and my corals have just been looking so much healthier my Monti caps blew up awesome polyp extension pretty much all day everyday from acan lords to Duncan's to candy canes not to mention my torch is pretty my trying to sting my neighbors across the street and I really can attribute this success to this product with the co2 absorbent media it already paid for itself just by silencing the skimmer. The media had to be changed about every ten days for me at first but I actually ran air tube outside before I ordered this and decided to hook that up so pulling air from outside through this reactor then to the tank it has been ten days now and the media is only a third depleted so it is looking like once a month which is perfect I'm assuming that is because there is less co2 to scrub from outside then inside it is kinda like di resin and have cleaner tap water it lasts longer. I am totally happy I grabbed this thing if anyone has a Aquamaxx hob1 skimmers the works great on a breeder but it actually pulls air surges this thing has calmed it down and it has been functioning more efficient for me as well. Super low maintenance it doesn't get dirty maybe dust the thing twice a year and switch the media when it turns purple or just use it as a silencer for the skimmer lol. I mean really I thought I was wasting my money when I pulled the trigger on buying this and I was far from wrong and will be using this on all my tanks from this point forward I mean this thing has giving me like miracle mud urban legend results and I couldn't be happier with this purchase. Happy Reefing!!
  • Works exactly as advertised! By on 3/23/2016

    I use it for a CO2 scrubber with soda lime to keep my pH up when my house has to be closed up for any season or any reason. The canister works great, keeps my pH from 8.2 at night to 8.3-8.4 during the day. Like others have said, the stock tubing and elbows need to be changed. I used a silicone rubber tubing from BRS that you usually find as extra with protein skimmers, and took off the elbows that came with it, installed 3/8" ID fittings and it draws plenty of air with no decrease from that of the open atmosphere, except the air going into my skimmer now has zero CO2. It's perfect for what it was designed for; I used one previous to this as an air dryer for an ozone unit, and it was perfect for that as I used a Luft pump to get air through it. It's well worth the money, whether as ozone air dryer or CO2 air scrubber.
  • Well made and works well By on 11/24/2015

    This is a very well made filter and it does what it is designed to do. Like many others, I use it as a CO2 scrubber. Its easy to set up and when using it with color changing soda lime, its easy to see when to change the media.
  • Great! By on 11/3/2015

    It works!
  • It's great By on 9/17/2015

    It does just what its supposed to do, its a cheap efficient media reactor.
  • Great CO2 Scrubber By on 9/14/2015

    There are 5 of us in this house and my 225 gal total volume system is downstairs. When the windows are closed in summer and winter, my Ph dips very low. This air filter in conjunction with soda lime attached to the intake of my skimmer has raised my Ph significantly. I did have to trek to the hardware to replace the hose barbs as they are too small for my BK Mini 200 skimmer but that was $5 and very simple. Very pleased.
  • great By on 7/14/2015

    Great easy to use combined with co2 media it is an easy and effective way to get your ph upth
  • Air filter By on 12/2/2014

    I am using this as an air filter filled up with bituminous carbon for my skimmer line that is run outside. The quality of the reactor is very good. I have no way of measuring whether the air filter is working but my corals are happy and don't seem to get irritated when I'm on the patio grilling or BBQing and smoke is going towards the filter. Before the filter they would get irritated.