VorTech Battery Back-up - EcoTech Marine

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VorTech Battery Back-up - EcoTech Marine

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  • Unhappy By on 7/20/2017

    I purchased a battery back up about 2 1/2 years ago. Power has never been out any extended period of time. This battery is totally dead and totally useless. I have to toss it. I spent $165 for a back up that did not work when I needed it. Out of warrenty and now trash. Eco Tech says it should last 4-5 years.
  • My power went out and the battery backup was a dud... By on 5/10/2017

    I brought a year ago and when my power when out, the battery backup did not work. I contacted ecotech and it was determined the battery backup didn't have any charge.. Which I thought was strange because I always keep it charged using the trickle charger. So I tested it and charged it again, and after unplugging the charger, the battery backup powered my MP40 for approx 2 minutes before it had no charge. Ecotech asked me to ship it back for them to "look" at, but this thing is heavy so I just threw it away.. complete waste of money.

    Maybe I got a bad apple unit... but when my power went out, this thing didnt help at all!
  • Works-Great Backup By on 1/14/2017

    Backup power supply made for the vortech powerheads. Installation is simple just plug in the power supply and plug the wire in from the battery to the vortech powerhead base unit. The backup battery can support two vortech powerhead base unit. The battery charge level is shown on the vortech powerhead base unit when the battery is in use.
  • A must have even if you have a backup generator By on 1/4/2017

    Sets up easily and will give you the added insurance to keep reef alive till power goes back on, or you can get your generator started. Dont be one of the people we read about on the forums who buys this after a catastrophic loss due to power issues
  • Power outage just after install By on 10/27/2016

    I purchased this on Sunday. Arrived Wednesday. I installed it and tested it, it came almost fully charged. About 3 hours later my power went out twice for about 30 minutes each time. I didn't want to spend the money, but i'm very glad I did.
    Much larger and heavier than I was expecting...
  • Just what the doctor ordered By on 3/28/2016

    I have had ongoing construction around my apartment for weeks that causes infuriating temporary power outages. The vortech battery back-up has been perfect. Wicked easy to set up and has been 100% reliable so far.
  • A good idea By on 2/9/2016

    If you have vortech pump/s be smart and get a backup battery or two, 100% worth it!
  • Generally satisified - price is a little high By on 7/24/2015

    I just got my battery backup working and generally i am satisified. literature did not initially tell me i had to also buy the companion pump which i di also the backup only runs the pump at minimum speed to conserve the battery. i wuld have rather had it adjustable
  • Worth the price By on 7/1/2015

    This is a no brainer purchase. So is the battery powered bubbler. When you add up the cost of the livestock we purchase for our tanks, this is some of the cheapest insurance. Very easy to set up to your Vortech powerhead .
  • Expensive but Peace of Mind By on 2/18/2015

    Had a power outage the day after I installed it. It works perfectly, I have it hooked up to MP tens, hopefully 36 hours is long enough. When you have this much invested in the hobby it's essential