BRS Biopellet Reactor

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BRS Biopellet Reactor

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  • works great By on 6/27/2017

    I bought his reactor a couple months ago. At first it worked great then after about a month it would stop tumbling the media. I would clean the screens and it would work good again for awhile. Finally I took it apart and found a small piece of plastic egg crate lodged in the 90 deg inlet (my fault). Now it works as it should but still occasionally requires cleaning the screens.
  • perfect By on 3/6/2015

    Easy to set up and works
  • OK But requires weekly Maintenance By on 3/15/2014

    As in another review it works well if a proper pump is added for flow and weekly cleaning is down on the chamber screens on top and bottom getting clogged with the film. If they created a screen unique for biopellets that are bigger than that for the GFO/Carbon then it would help reduce the maintenance required.
  • Heavy duty and well made By on 1/13/2014

    Well made and heavy plastic, hold hold up for many years, jut wish they had include a little more tubing, need to buy more locally to plumb it to work for my situation..
  • Excelente biopellet By on 9/15/2013

    I have a 125g mix reef aquarium and after trying nextreef and two little fishes and didn't work this biopellet reactor is the perfect one,you got the tumble as you wanted it, very easy to set up. Thanks BRS.
  • Not for biopellets By on 5/17/2013

    I have 1 of these reactors and 2 of the black brs ones. They are perfect for GFO and Carbon, however i dont think they are ideal for Biopellets what so ever. After just 1 week the biopellets are barely tumbling because of gunk buildup inside the filter that restricts flow. This has to be cleaned weekly to keep the biopellets tumbling. Having to do this makes it a chore so I am seriously considering a different reactor. I hope BRS will re-design this reactor so that it doesnt clog as easily. Do not recomment for BIO Pellets. Only for GFO and Carbon.
  • For all your media needs! By on 11/17/2012

    I use this reactor for everything from bio pellets to gfo. Amazing quality
  • Quality Reactor By on 10/21/2012

    The reactor is made of thick plastic and is built very well. The quick connect and swivels help get it up and running fast. Love this reactor.

    Works like a charm, using a maxi jet 1200 for a good flow.
    Old two little fishes reactor too many problems.
    Very happy and I'd recommend to all you reefers out there this is the reactor for you.
  • best buy for your money By on 9/22/2012

    like every BRS product i have ever bought this reactor is very high quality. like alot of people my first reactor was a converted phosban reactor powered by a maxi jet. no mater what i did i could not get a good even flow and with biopellets that is key. when i recieved my BRS reactor i was imediately impresed. i had it mounted in minutes and out of curiousity i hooked the maxijet up to it.because of the design of the reactor it had all the pellets moving. my reactor is mounted at sump level so the maxijet only has 6 inches of head presure any more i would have gone with a bigger pump.i have a much more expencive unit on another tank and like it alot but it cost more than three times as much as the BRS reactor.